2getheraudio CL4P Maker [WiN]

Publisher: 2getheraudio
Product: CL4P Maker
Format: VST/AAX
Requirements: Windows 7 or later
  • Publisher: 2getheraudio
  • Product: CL4P Maker
  • Version:
  • Format: VST/AAX
  • Requirements: Windows 7 or later

Handclapping goes as far back as humanity itself. So it’s not surprising that today’s hottest music keeps the tradition going. Introducing CL4P Maker VST crack, a virtual instrument dedicated to giving your music the perfect handclaps. Where will you put your hands 2gether?

The Sounds

Yes! CL4P Maker VST crack has your traditional handclap sounds well covered, but it delivers a whole lot more than that. 24 easy to use controls let you dial in the perfect clap, from tight to ambient, realistic to electronic, single claps to crowd claps, and just about anything in between. To get you started we’ve included 100 handclap presets with a quick select audition button.

We’ve done the hard part so you can get creative

Like all 2getheraudio products, we want you in the business of making music, not struggling with your plugins. That’s why cracked CL4P Maker includes a Simple Edit screen for quickly auditioning and tweaking your clap sounds while your groove is playing. Then if you need to dig a little deeper, one button takes you to Expert Edit for fine tune control.

Under the Hood

Under the hood of CL4P Maker VST crack is a custom audio engine designed specifically to deliver customized clap sounds.


Set the sound of your claps using 4 knobs to shape its timbre.


Next shape the body of the sound including how fast or slow it decays over time.


The Enhance section dials in how big or small, narrow or wide you want your claps.


Four modern effects let you select how natural or affected your clap needs to be.


The Ambience section places your clap sound in anything from a dry room to an ambient hall.

CL4P Maker VST crack Specifications

  • Handclap maker with simple and expert editing options
  • 50 fully editable Handclap presets
  • Simple macro controls designed quick handclap editing
  • 24 advanced controls for shaping the sound, shape, size, effects and ambience of your clap sounds
  • Includes VST, AU, AAX plugin formats for compatibility with all DAWs
  • Customized synth engine designed specifically for handclaps
  • Super easy to make or customize your own handclaps
  • Modern effects for modern handclaps

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