Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro + Voice Changer [OSX]

Publisher: Accusonus
Product: Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro + Voice Changer v1.1.00
Version: 5.3.00 Patched-FLARE
  • Publisher: Accusonus
  • Product: ERA Bundle Pro + Voice Changer v1.1.00
  • Version: 5.3.00 Patched-FLARE

ERA Bundle crack: The fastest audio cleanup solution for creators. Tackle all the audio problems you routinely face. Clean your sound with zero artifacts. Salvage tracks you can’t afford to re-record. Get professional-quality content in seconds. Whether you’re an audio novice or an expert wanting to tune their workflow, ERA Bundle crack enables you to edit faster and more efficiently than ever before.

ERA Bundle Pro Crack

For those audio professionals who require more powerful audio tools, we offer an upgraded version of the ERA bundle crack. The ERA Bundle Pro crack features 13 powerful plugins to help you tackle all the audio issues you routinely face. Whether you work with video, film, podcasts, voice overs, broadcast, streaming or music production, the cracked ERA plugins will help you get the job done in seconds.

ERA Noise Remover Pro VST Crack

Noise Remover Pro VST crack is a powerful yet intuitive tool for professionals. Based on the improved, multi-patented accusonus algorithms, Noise Remover Pro VST crack offers amazing results with no artifacts, without you having to hunt for noise profiles or tweak a ton of parameters. Enjoy the ease-of-use of our smart technology while maintaining the flexibility to dig in deeper and fix trickier recordings. In most cases, all you’ll have to do is simply tweak the large white dial! But Noise Remover Pro VST crack also allows for sophisticated multi-band processing. Carefully-curated presets are also available, so you can speed up your workflow even more! The ERA Bundle Pro crack comes with an even faster alternative solution for noise: our automatic, single-button Noise Remover VST crack. In case of emergency, clean up your audio with one button – everything else is under the hood.

ERA Voice Deepener VST Crack

Every actor’s voice sounds more thin & high-pitched when recorded. The Voice Deepener VST crack will make your talent’s voice sound more like they hear it themselves and less like it sounds in recordings. Get that “movie-trailer” effect with a single dial. Make your dialogue tracks sound deeper and more soothing in seconds. Create recordings that will allure, convince and hook everyone, literally in seconds.

ERA Mouth De-Clicker VST crack

Mouth Noise ruins audio. Fixing it is time consuming, and so is re-recording. Instead, you can use Mouth De-Clicker VST crack; it highlights all mouth sounds, lip smacks and saliva crackles in your track. You can then remove them quickly with a simple interface. Fast and efficient de-clicking, allowing you to spend less hours cleaning, and more time creating.

It’s never been easier to fix mouth noise.

ERA Voice AutoEQ VST Crack

Instantly clear muddiness and boominess, add body and make your dialogue tracks sound crisp. The Voice AutoEQ VST crack is a new, revolutionary plugin. It listens to the dialogue track and allows you to enhance it in real time. Improve voice clarity in a way that’s impossible with normal EQs. Use the round cursor to navigate inside the triangle and find the right balance between Air, Body and Clarity. Make your dialogue tracks cut through the mix!

ERA Voice Leveler VST Crack

Let every word be heard, cause every word is important! Turn the ERA Voice Leveler’s dial and easily fix distracting volume differences. Smooth out uneven audio levels, such as those caused by actor or microphone movements, single-microphone interviews, non-ideal microphone placement etc. Save yourself from hours of manual gain adjustments.

ERA Reverb Remover Pro VST Crack

Reverb is one of the trickiest audio issues to tackle in post. But after years of extended research on room acoustics & psychoacoustics, the brand new Reverb Remover Pro VST crack is here to help you get exceptional results in record-time. The unique tuning and UX design of our Reverb Remover Pro VST crack will elevate your workflow. The large central knob will help you get the job done in seconds, but you can also dive in and fine-tune the settings for surgical precision when time permits. See and hear what’s being removed using the DIFF button. Use the smart presets to edit faster and dig into specific frequency regions for more accurate and granular results. The smart single-dial version of Reverb Remover Pro VST crack is also part of the cracked ERA Bundle Pro. It will be your tool-of-choice for even faster editing.

ERA De-Esser Pro VST Crack

Getting rid of those noisy high-frequency consonants can be a tedious, time-consuming task. This is why we developed De-Esser Pro VST crack, a fast and powerful tool that requires minimum effort but offers transparent results. It offers precision-grade de-essing and customizable audio repair functionality. Based on the multi-patented accusonus algorithms, De-Esser Pro VST crack simply works and allows for efficient sibilance reduction from audio recordings. See the software automatically detecting the S’s in your waveform and fix the problem by turning the dial! ERA De-Esser Pro VST crack offers some extra controls for more in-depth processing and by far more natural sounding results. The ERA De-Esser VST crack is a single-dial alternative for even faster de-essing and is also included in the cracked Pro Bundle.

ERA De-Clipper VST Crack

Instantly repair distorted & over-saturated audio that would otherwise be unusable. Either you work with dialogue or with other audio tracks, you might often get stuck with “clipped” audio. Instantly detect and fix clipped regions and save damaged files with the world’s first fully automatic De-Clipper VST crack.

ERA Plosive Remover VST Crack

Suppress “spitting” b,p & t sounds and instantly improve your dialogue recordings. Sometimes it’s simply not possible to use a pop shield. That’s when distracting p-pops ruin your dialogue. Use the ERA Plosive Remover VST crack and get rid of those annoying plosives with minimal effort. Look at the plugin’s waveform and see what’s being removed. The ERA Plosive Remover VST crack is completely transparent – just set it and forget it.

ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant VST Crack

Further improve your workflow and avoid juggling between multiple plugin windows and parameters. ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant VST crack allows you to work smarter and faster. It combines several cracked ERA Standard plugins and offers carefully-curated presets that you can use as a starting point for your audio processing. Build your own audio repair chain – which you can recall anytime – or save time by choosing from the cracked CleanUp Assistant’s presets, rather than configuring them yourself from scratch.

ERA Room Tone Match VST Crack

Awkward silenced parts & inconsistent room tones when editing dialogue can be very distracting. The ERA Room Tone Match VST crack identifies the background ambience under speech and helps you seamlessly “stitch” and even out different ambience beds. We might not always be able to “read the room” but our brand new Room Tone Match VST crack totally can! Re-create your sonic environment effortlessly and maintain the natural feel of your scene, without messing with tedious workarounds!

ERA Voice Changer VST crack

Apply characters, environments and effects to your voice with the help of easy to use controls. Voice Changer VST crack can help you create engaging content and creative scenarios in a few clicks.

Morph Your Voice into New Characters

Your content portrays a ton of varying characters, who need varying voices. From epic movie trailer tones to subtle whispering, evil AI voices to baby robots. An alien, a dragon, a monster, a ghost, a giant… Quickly modify your voice, and create anime voice filters or scary voices. Use vocoder effects and morph your character into a robot, a girl, a man, a woman, a baby or anything you want.Start off by altering our voice modulator presets, or dive straight in and create your own character’s sound.

Apply Effects with a few clicks

When your mic meets accusonus Voice Changer VST crack, it can be any device you want. Emulate old-timey news broadcasts, car radios, walkie-talkie chatter – any voice filter you want. Apply effects using descriptive drop down menus descriptions – VHS tape, megaphone, CB radio, phone – then tweak the effect using the on-screen dial.

Change the Environment you are in

Leap out of your office or studio setup, and lay out a virtual landscape behind your voice. Recording inside a cave, crypt or canyon used to be tricky, but not with our voice convertor. Stadiums, airports, bathrooms, cathedrals… Even mountain echo sounds. You can ‘Record’ anywhere, from home with the help of the Environment dial.

Themed Voice Effect Presets

Combine and tune these 3 voice modifiers: character, effect, environment. Design your own voice effect presets, or explore cracked Voice Changer’s comprehensive preset catalogue to find quick solutions. Make your track sound like a 90s video tape, an airport announcement, a crowd megaphone, a kitchen radio, a living room TV and beyond. Emulate a dialogue from the next door apartment, a phone call, or explore fantasy and robot preset sounds.

Get New Preset Packs

While the Voice Changer VST crack “only” has three controls, the range of sounds you can create is almost infinite. Though we know how important is to have some presets to get your feet off the ground. As with the imagination, presets can be also unlimited, so we made sure that you will frequently receive new preset packs in real time. Without ever needing to leave your Voice Changer session or restart your application.

FiXED: Fixed Audio Cleanup Assistant and VoiceChanger crashing on some DAWs (Logic, Ableton, Blue Cat’s Patchwork, Studio One).

The reason for the crash was because Accusonus placed the presets for Audio Cleanup Assistant and VoiceChanger to the Scripts folder and then used a custom script to move them to a Presets folder which makes no sense (was it laziness?).

So when making the custom installer, we didn’t know that so the presets went into the wrong location.

For some reason without any presets the plugins would crash and then crash the DAW. Some people didn’t get a crash because the presets were in the correct location and maybe had the demo previously installed.


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