ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB v1.4.1 U2B [MAC]

ADPTR AUDIO’s Metric AB is a reference plugin
  • Publisher: ADPTR AUDIO
  • Product: Metric AB
  • Release: MORiA
  • Version: 1.4.1 U2B
  • Format: AU/VST/VST3

ADPTR AUDIO’s Metric AB is a game-changer for producers, mix engineers, and mastering engineers alike. It offers a streamlined and intuitive solution for A/B comparisons, allowing you to effortlessly gauge how your mix stacks up against commercial releases. With its arsenal of features and user-friendly interface, Metric AB has become an indispensable tool in the modern music production workflow.

Streamlined Workflow

Metric AB simplifies the A/B comparison process, enabling you to toggle seamlessly between your mix and reference tracks with the click of a button. By inserting Metric AB on your master channel and assigning a key bind to the “A/B” button, you can instantly switch between mixes using your keyboard, saving valuable time and streamlining your workflow.

Instant Loudness Matching

Gone are the days of manually adjusting levels to match reference tracks. Metric AB’s instant loudness matching feature allows you to drag and drop up to 16 reference tracks and automatically match their loudness to your mix. With four different loudness-matching modes to choose from, you can eliminate loudness bias and conduct accurate A/B comparisons in seconds.

Precise Playback Options

Metric AB offers precise playback options to tailor the listening experience to your preferences. Sync reference track playback with your DAW, set cue markers to play references at different song sections, and choose from various playback modes to control how reference tracks behave. Whether you prefer Latch, Cue, Sync, or Manual playback mode, Metric AB has you covered.

Detailed Analysis Tools

Metric AB provides comprehensive analysis tools to visualize and understand the differences between your mix and reference tracks. With five detailed mastering meters and multiple analysis modes including spectrum, correlation, stereo image, dynamics, and loudness (LUFS), you can pinpoint even the smallest mix variances with ease.

Hear the Differences

While mastering meters offer valuable technical insights, nothing beats using your ears to make critical mix decisions. Metric AB’s filter bank allows you to solo different frequency ranges and audition your audio with precision, ensuring that your mix translates accurately across different playback systems.

ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in music production. With its streamlined workflow, instant loudness matching, precise playback options, detailed analysis tools, and customizable filter bank, Metric AB empowers you to achieve professional-grade mixes and masters with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding producer, Metric AB is your ultimate reference companion in the studio.

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