ADPTR Sculpt v1.3.0 [WiN]

Sculpt is a dynamics processor VST plugin
  • Publisher: ADPTR AUDIO
  • Product: Sculpt
  • Release: TCD
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Format: VST3/VST2/AAX

ADPTR AUDIO’s Sculpt emerges as a revolutionary tool in the realm of dynamic processing, offering a forward-looking approach to shaping the tonal and dynamic characteristics of audio. Designed for mastering and group buses, Sculpt empowers users to meticulously refine their sounds with unparalleled transparency and precision. With its innovative combination of four parallel modules and state-of-the-art algorithms, Sculpt sets a new standard for dynamic and tonal manipulation.

Innovative Parallel Processing

At the core of Sculpt lies four dynamic modules running in parallel, each offering distinct capabilities for sculpting sound. The Upward Compression module introduces a fresh perspective on dynamic control with remarkable transparency, while the Downward Compression module provides more traditional compression functionality. Additionally, the Tone Sculpt module allows users to accentuate or suppress specific tonal aspects, while the Transient Sculpt module offers precise control over sonic envelope manipulation. This parallel processing architecture enables users to achieve intricate sonic transformations with ease.

Master Tone Manipulation

Sculpt’s modules feature frequency controls that influence the analysis and processing of audio signals. These controls serve as sidechain EQ parameters within the compressor modules, tonal balance adjusters within the Tone Sculpt module, and transient selectors within the Transient Sculpt module. Furthermore, the Tone Sculpt module offers a tonal balance graph for visualizing frequency distribution, facilitating real-time monitoring and adjustment of tonal characteristics. By operating on a sample-by-sample basis, Sculpt ensures transparent processing without introducing frequency-dependent artifacts.

Distortion-Free Dynamics Control

Sculpt implements an advanced Envelope Detection Algorithm (EDA) that accurately captures the envelope of audio signals with lightning-fast precision, ensuring distortion-free dynamics control even under extreme settings. This allows users to apply sidechain compression with confidence, knowing that their audio will remain pristine and transparent. Additionally, Sculpt’s Auto-Gain feature intelligently adjusts makeup gain based on perceived loudness, enabling accurate level-matched A/B comparisons without discrepancies.

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Workflow

Sculpt seamlessly integrates into any production workflow, offering intuitive controls and extensive customization options. The plugin’s updated features, including High-Pass/Low-Shelf toggle for side-chain EQ, external side-chain audition toggle button, and automatic analysis initiation for Auto-Gain, enhance user experience and streamline workflow efficiency. Furthermore, Sculpt’s extensive library of presets adapts dynamically to incoming audio signals, providing users with a starting point for their creative endeavors.

ADPTR AUDIO Sculpt stands at the forefront of dynamic and tonal processing, offering an unparalleled toolkit for sculpting sound with precision and transparency. With its innovative parallel processing architecture, advanced algorithms, and intuitive controls, Sculpt empowers users to reshape audio in ways previously thought impossible. Whether shaping individual tracks, bus groups, or entire mixes, Sculpt delivers exceptional results and redefines the boundaries of creative expression in audio production.

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