aiXdsp Multiband Compressor [WiN]

Side chainable, full featured, dynamics processor featuring Multiband Compressor.
  • Publisher: aiXdsp
  • Product: Multiband Compressor
  • Release: BUBBiX
  • Version:
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX

The aiXdsp Multiband Compressor emerges as a powerful solution for tackling complex frequency dynamics with unparalleled precision. In this review, we’ll explore how this plugin offers a comprehensive set of features to address the challenges of managing different frequency ranges in audio production, providing users with ultimate control and flexibility.

Dynamic Frequency Management

One of the primary challenges in audio processing is dealing with dynamic changes across various frequency ranges. Traditional compressors may struggle to address these nuances effectively. However, the aiXdsp Multiband Compressor steps in to fill this gap, offering a sophisticated solution for handling diverse frequency content. Whether it’s cymbals on an overhead track or the low end of drum shells, this plugin allows users to tailor their compression settings with precision.

Comprehensive Controls

What sets the aiXdsp Multiband Compressor apart is its comprehensive set of controls for each frequency band. Each band features a full-featured dynamics processor with options for upward and downward expansion, gain, threshold, ratio, punch, attack, hold, and release. The inclusion of hold control is particularly noteworthy, offering users the ability to fine-tune the timing of compression for optimal results. Moreover, the RMS window size allows for further customization, ensuring that the compression responds accurately to the audio signal.

Flexible Sidechaining and Detection

Another highlight of the aiXdsp Multiband Compressor is its flexible sidechaining and detection capabilities. Users can choose between various detection sources, including the current band, a different band, the full input, or the sidechain input. This versatility empowers users to sculpt their audio with precision, tailoring the compression behavior to suit the specific requirements of their project. Additionally, the ability to filter and preview the detection signal with the key listen control enhances workflow efficiency and accuracy.

Quality of Life Features

In addition to its advanced processing capabilities, the aiXdsp Multiband Compressor includes several quality of life features to streamline the user experience. Mute, solo, and bypass options for each band enable quick auditioning and comparison of compression settings. Furthermore, the plugin incorporates a defeat-able limiter with soft and hard clipping algorithms, ensuring optimal signal integrity and preventing unwanted distortion.

The aiXdsp Multiband Compressor stands out as a game-changer in the realm of dynamic processing. With its comprehensive controls, flexible sidechaining, and quality of life features, this plugin offers a robust solution for managing complex frequency dynamics in audio production. Whether you’re working on music, film, or any other multimedia project, the aiXdsp Multiband Compressor provides the ultimate toolkit for achieving professional-grade results with ease and precision.

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