Arturia Augmented WOODWINDS [WiN]

Arturia Augmented WOODWINDS VST
  • Publisher: Arturia
  • Supplier: josenacha
  • Product: Augmented WOODWINDS
  • Version: 1.0.0

Acoustic instruments reinvented
Augmented WOODWINDS unites dynamically sampled instruments with state-of-the-art synthesis in an intuitive and breathtaking interface, delivering a rich, reedy and redefined range of woodwind sounds – morph to your mood, from dark and denatured to bright and elegant.

Flutes, reeds and beyond
A dance between acoustic precision and digital drive. Experience sonic metamorphosis and turn raw woodwind energy into orchestral dreamscapes, blissful flutters and epic sonic textures.

Simple and intuitive
In a few clicks, take an animated solo clarinet and render it anew with intricate, infinitely expressive sonic detailing.

Augmented WOODWINDS is built around a streamlined interface, designed to help you reach the sound in your mind’s eye, in as little time as possible. Utilize the preset library and intuitive quick-fire controls for a dependable composition experience.

Advanced sound design
For a bespoke, breathtaking sound that has your name on it, access the advanced panel to rearrange, modulate, and arpeggiate your hybrid ensemble.

Augmented WOODWINDS’ intuitive interface and diverse preset library brings quick results when you need them – but further sound customisation is just a click away. The Advanced panel takes you deep into the inner workings of the instrument, giving you detailed control over your sound sources, modulation, performance, and beyond.

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