Audialab Emergent Drums 2 [WiN]

Publisher: Audialab
Supplier: Team R2R
Product: Emergent Drums 2
Version: 2.0.2 Regged READ NFO
  • Publisher: Audialab
  • Supplier: Team R2R
  • Product: Emergent Drums 2
  • Version: 2.0.2 Regged READ NFO

Harness the power of AI to generate infinite, royalty-free drums

What is Emergent Drums 2?
Emergent Drums 2 is a revolutionary plugin that uses A.I. to generate infinite drum samples.

Every sample is created from scratch
Our cutting-edge generative models are trained to design novel drum samples from scratch, bit by bit. No source recordings are used to generate the samples, so each one is truly original.

Get variations on existing samples
With our transformative Deep Sampling technology, you can create countless variations of samples from your personal collection. Simply drag-in an existing sample, set the similarity slider, and click generate for infinite options.

Harness two revolutionary models
Emergent Drums 2 features two infinite sound models, each with a distinctive sound. Creamy features beautiful, shimmering cymbals, deep, full-body kicks, and snares that snap and pop. Crunchy brings you drums with high energy noise, grit, and glitches for an otherworldly and experimental sound. Use both to design the perfect kit.

An instrument of the future
Emergent Drums 2 isn’t just a sample generator – it’s a fully-featured 16-pad instrument you can play via MIDI, complete with multi-out support so you can shape each pad on its own channel. And with built-in support for sample layering and effects like clipping, filtering, and pitch-shifting, you can sculpt your samples to perfection.

Versatile enough for any workflow
Emergent Drums 2 is purposely built to fit into any production workflow. Power it with MIDI and play it as an instrument, drag out your samples into your DAW or into your favorite sound design and sequencing tools, or simply export the samples to your disk for use in sample packs or future projects.

A witch says,

The important function "Generate" is done in dev's web server, not working in this release. This is just another 16 pads sampler without that function.

The binary is patched just to avoid homecalling. If you know how, our license works in macOS too :9

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