Audified Boutique Studio Bundle [WiN]

This is a bundle of 1A EQ, U78, U73B & RZ062.​
  • Publisher: Audified
  • Product: Boutique Studio Bundle
  • Release: TeamCubeadooby
  • Version: 2024.6.18
  • Format: AAX/VST3

As music producers and engineers, we’re always on an endless quest to imbue our digital recordings with a sense of warmth, vibe, and sonic character. Well, let me introduce you to what might just be the ultimate secret sauce for crafting timeless, vintage-vibed mixes – the Boutique Studio Bundle from Audified.

This premium plugin suite isn’t just another set of anemic emulations or derivative clones. No, we’re talking about authentic circuit-level models of some of the most iconic and sought-after signal processors in recording history. I’m talking the holy grail Pultec EQ, the creamy UA 1176 compressor, and the deliciously overdriven Neve channelstrip tones that defined decades of iconic popular music.

Let’s start with the crown jewel of this bundle – the 1A Equalizer. This isn’t just a ho-hum Pultec emulation; it’s a thoughtfully re-imagined and expanded version that combines the vintage mojo with modern versatility. The low and high shelves just seem to melt into your audio in the most sublime way, while the midrange controls offer exceptionally surgical tone-sculpting capabilities.

Then you’ve got the U73b Compressor, which is quite possibly one of the most impressive 1176-style plugins I’ve ever used. From the very first transient smash, you can hear the true nonlinear essence of that iconic FET circuit shining through with stunning accuracy. It just has this way of rounding off edges and imparting a sublime chutzpah that gel any source beautifully.

Modeled tube saturation and harmonics are where the U78 Saturator really shines. This thing goes far beyond mere tonal refinement – you can absolutely smother your tracks in deliciously overdriven valve grit and still retain an astonishing level of dynamic detail. It’s like having an entire vintage channelstrip preamp at your fingertips, but with tremendously additive tone-shaping potential.

Last but not least, we have the potent RZ062 EQ/Compressor, which somehow manages to pack the vibe-y goodness of decades of Neve heritage into a single intuitive plugin. That 1081-inspired preamp circuit alone is worth the price of admission, dripping with harmonic saturation and vintage color. And the highly versatile EQ and dynamics sections are simply icing on the cake.

What I love most about these Audified processors though is just how easily they blend their vintage magic with a distinctly modern, high-fidelity sound. There’s a level of transparency and lack of nasty artifacts that allows you to really go buck wild with stacking instances without losing clarity or detail.

Of course, such premium audio quality does come at a relatively premium price point too. The Boutique Studio bundle ain’t exactly cheap, even by the lofty standards of the plugin market these days. But when you factor in just how many iconic hardware units this single collection lets you effectively retire, that cost starts looking like a studio equipment budget life-saver.

At the end of the day, if you’re a discerning audio professional looking to craft that elusive “million dollar mixer” kind of vibe in the box, the Audified Boutique Studio bundle absolutely needs to be on your shortlist. It’s a meticulously crafted ode to recording’s golden age that somehow manages to sound both vintage and modern at the same time. This is high-fidelity analog attitude made shockingly accessible – a must-have for crafting timeless, evocative mixes with true character and soul.

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