Audified MixChecker ULTRA [WiN]

MixChecker ULTRA is a plugin for testing the sound quality of your mix across various devices
  • Publisher: Audified
  • Product: MixChecker ULTRA
  • Release: BUBBiX
  • Version: 1.0
  • Format: VST3/AAX

In the pursuit of sonic perfection, mastering the art of mixing is a journey that requires precision, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of how your music translates across various playback environments. Enter Audified MixChecker ULTRA, a revolutionary plugin that promises to elevate your mixing capabilities to new heights. With over 90 simulated pro-audio and consumer devices, a dashing new graphic style, and a practical analytical part, MixChecker ULTRA is the next step in the evolution of reference mixing.

Super-Realistic Device Simulations

At the heart of MixChecker ULTRA lies its ability to accurately simulate a vast array of audio devices, from industry-standard studio monitors and headphones to consumer devices like laptops, phones, and earbuds. With over 90 device simulations at your fingertips, you can ensure that your mix translates flawlessly across a wide range of playback environments, including cars, club PAs, and even small Bluetooth speakers.

IR Loader and Advanced Device Controls

MixChecker ULTRA takes realism to new levels by allowing you to import custom Impulse Responses (IRs), enabling you to hear how your mix would sound in popular acoustic spaces, your friend’s studio, or even a cathedral. Additionally, the advanced device controls let you adjust settings like volume, stereo base, and even simulate non-linear behavior, including distortion and clipping, providing an accurate representation of real-world conditions.

Deep Dive into Your Mix

To truly elevate the quality of your mix, MixChecker ULTRA features a comprehensive analytical part that empowers you to dissect your track’s intricacies. With modules like Loudness Meter, Dynamics Meter, Spectral Analysis, Stereo Analysis, and Gonio Meter, you can quickly assess crucial parameters and compare them with reference tracks, ensuring that your mix meets industry standards and streaming service criteria.

Modular Workflow and Reference Comparison

MixChecker ULTRA’s modular design allows you to select and expand each analysis module independently, providing a customizable workflow tailored to your preferences. The included Player module further enhances your mixing experience by enabling you to import reference tracks in WAV and MP3 formats, allowing for instant comparisons and identifying areas for improvement.

Loudness and Dynamics

The Loudness module ensures that your track adheres to the level requirements of popular streaming services, while the Dynamics module provides insights into the peak-to-short-term loudness ratio, helping you strike the perfect balance between the loudest and quietest parts of your mix.

Spectral and Stereo Analysis

The Spectrum module offers a visual representation of your track’s frequency spectrum, allowing you to identify and address any imbalances. Complementing this is the Stereo module, which reveals how frequencies are distributed across the stereo field, enabling you to create a well-balanced and cohesive mix.

Gonio Meter

The Gonio Meter is a game-changer for stereo imaging, providing a visual representation of your mix’s stereo image and helping you identify potential issues like inverted signals, mono compatibility, and any imbalances between the left and right channels.

Audified MixChecker ULTRA is a true game-changer in the world of mixing and audio analysis. With its unparalleled collection of device simulations, practical analytical tools, and reference comparison capabilities, this plugin empowers you to achieve mixing excellence like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring mixer, MixChecker ULTRA is an essential addition to your toolkit, ensuring that your mixes translate flawlessly across a wide range of playback environments and meet industry standards. Download MixChecker ULTRA today and embark on a journey towards sonic perfection, where every mix is a masterpiece.

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