Audiomodern FREEZR [WiN]

Freezr is a supercharged Freeze Sequencer VST plugin
  • Publisher: Audiomodern
  • Product: FREEZR
  • Release: MOCHA
  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX/SAL

If you’re looking to add jaw-dropping rhythmic complexity and mayhem to your tracks, Freezr from Audiomodern is a must-have creative tool. This innovative plugin takes the concept of an audio freezer to inspiring new heights as both a performance slicer and generative remix machine.

Freeze and Slice Audio in Real-Time

At its core, Freezr allows you to capture and rhythmically sequence segments of audio in real-time for unparalleled expressiveness. Use it as a perform-capture effect to spontaneously freeze and slice your tracks, vocals, instruments and more into wild new patterns.
The flexibility here is mindblowing – you can generate literally infinite variations of stuttered rhythms by tweaking Freezr’s controls. The Complexity slider shapes patterns from subtle textures to maximum sonic chaos.

Remix Mode Unlocks Boundless Variations

But Freezr’s true magic reveals itself in Remix mode. Here you can spontaneously generate completely new rhythmic variations on your captured audio with a single click. It’s like having an endless supply of one-of-a-kind remixes ready to be performed or rendered out.

Audiomodern’s signature Infinity mode guarantees that no two remix patterns are ever identical, making Freezr a real-time regenerative sequencer unlike any other. You’ll never run out of fresh new ideas to spark your creativity.

Powerfully Intuitive Sequencing Engine

Under the hood, Freezr’s dual sequencers provide a deceptively simple yet nuanced engine for crafted your desired rhythms. Customize the sequence ranges, apply the analog-style filter, and use handy tools like Remix slots and MIDI control for on-the-fly tweaking.

For electronic musicians, remixers, and sound manglers of all genres, Freezr represents a game-changing source of rhythmic inspiration. With its unique freeze-capture workflow and seemingly infinite rhythmic potential, this plugin is a must-have secret sauce for your next tracks.

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