AudioRealism Bass Line Pro [WiN]

Publisher: AudioRealism
Supplier: TeamCubeadooby
Product: Bass Line Pro
  • Publisher: AudioRealism
  • Supplier: TeamCubeadooby
  • Product: Bass Line Pro
  • Version:

What would a 303 on steroids be like? We answered that question using a mock-up by our friend AlphaDog and adding some more stuff like patch cables and polyphony, and it turned out to be a very different beast indeed. While ABL Pro has it’s roots in sequenced synth sounds it also excels at pads and leads and is something of a hidden gem for many producers. We guarantee you nothing else sounds quite like ABL Pro.

The filter is based in the 202 filter which sports self oscillating resonance, accurate tuning and a great range (from sub bass to above upper hearing limit). This filter can howl!

Most modules send or accept control voltage (CV) which means the signal path can be modified in real time without any glitches in the audio. Sequencer has CV Gate/Note output and can be used when playing ABL Pro in Note mode, monophonic- or polyphonically

The configuration screen allows you to customize your ABL Pro to your liking. It supports three low pass filter selections (303-emulated and the standard 24dB 202 simulation plus an oversampled variant with even less aliasing)


  • High quality aliasing-free oscillators and filters
  • 500+ preset patches and sequences
  • Can be used to process external signals, for example thru the VCF
  • 32-voice polyphonic
  • Audio rate modulation
  • Plus many of the features from ABL2 such as:
  • Internal step sequencer
  • Full MIDI CC control with learning function
  • Two MIDI modes (Pattern or Note)
  • Sample accurate sync to VST and AU hosts
  • And much more!
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