Muller audioTester [WiN]

Frequency response analyzer
  • Publisher: Muller
  • Supplier: V.R
  • Product: audioTester
  • Version: CE

The audioTester is compatible with all high-quality sound cards and Windows operating systems. It supports sample rates up to 768kHz and data widths up to 24 bits, providing a versatile and capable platform for audio testing and measurement.

With the assistance of a high-quality sound card, your PC transforms into an audio lab capable of performing various measurements for audio equipment. The features and specifications include:

Spectrumanalysis with Fast-Fourier-Transformation (up to 1024k points)
Sweep measurement (synchronous and asynchronous)
Asynchronous impulse measurement
Measurement of distortions vs. power
Measurement of Thiele Small Parameters
3D-diagram for waterfall plots
Time diagram above the frequency-diagram
Presets for all settings
Frequency response measurement with Dirac and MLS impulses
Impedance plots of loudspeakers
Up to 8 curves with up to 8 Y scales in the 2D diagram
Display filter for the curves
Copy from curves with Drag’n Drop
Scaling of the diagram to 0dB = max. value or 1kHz
Distortion, Level Analyser, and THD+N with several filters
Measurement of single harmonics (H2 – H9)
Correction files to make the frequency response linear
Diagram scale while measuring
Support of absolute level units (dbV, dbu) after calibration
Sounds and tones to wave files
Saving diagrams as bitmaps, JPG, or text files
Saving measured values as a text file
Saving of single curves
Print and Clipboard functions
Optional ASIO Support *
Online help (German and English)
Online help for wiring diagrams

These capabilities allow users to measure frequency responses, distortion, impulse responses, and other parameters related to audio equipment and loudspeakers.

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