Beat Kangz Beat Thang Virtual Pro [WiN]

Beat Kangz Beat Thang Virtual
  • Publisher: Beat Kangz
  • Supplier: AiR
  • Product: Beat Thang Virtual Pro
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Format: VSTi

Turn your MAC or PC into a portable Beat Machine. BEAT THANG VIRTUAL combines sampling, sequencing and a massive sound library with an easy to use performance interface and tons of Beat Kangz beats making it one portable, powerful weapon of mass creation. Over 3000 original sounds and chops were custom created for this extraordinary library. It doesn’t matter if your style is Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Soul, Funk, Electronica, Rock, or Alien, Beat Thang has the sounds you need to create bangin’ tracks. The Beat Kangz lived in the studio for two years painstakingly recording and tweaking the sickest sounds from classic drum kits, vintage instruments, rare electronics, exotic percussion, and many improvised sound sources. All were performed and recorded through a menagerie of high-end digital and analog devices, meticulously preserving each sample’s warmth and character. The Beat Kangz mastered each sample so you have trunk bangin’ drop, aggressive kicks and snares, rich strings, chunky guitars, tripped out synths and tons of grit, depth, and low end to create with. You can also load or record your own samples to create custom kits and unique instruments of your own.


  • Audio: CD quality 16bit / 44.1kHz: sampling, playback and export.
  • 16 tracks with playable mute and solo functions so you can create pHihns that can be
    performed and remixed on the fl y.
  • Controller Options: Trigger sounds and functions using your computer keyboard, or any
    compatible MIDI controller. Integrates seamlessly with Beat Thang hardware!
  • One octave pad layout with 8 banks so you can bang out beats OR play the keys over
    8 octaves.
  • 16 layers of velocity sensitivity per pad for emotive performance. Pad solo and mute
    for added remix control.
  • On board Effects: Filters, Delays, Reverb, Chorus, Disintegrator, Overdrive, Distortion,
    Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Pitch shifter, Vibrato Vinyl effect and more. Add BANG with
    onboard mastering.
  • Export .wav or .aiff fi les of your songs and loops for easy import to your DAW.
  • Import .wav or .aiff to use as loops or samples.
  • Record your own samples directly into the Beat Thang Virtual using your computer’s
    built in mic or line input.
  • Fully editable samples with clear waveform view. Edit start and end points.
    Normalize, Reverse and Resample to customize your sounds.
  • Auto chop allows you to quickly create mash up parts and custom kits from your
    samples. Bust out that vinyl!
  • Easy to use Real-time Sequencer. Create patterns in real time using quantize,
    swing, individual bar lengths and tap tempo, then string them together in SONG
    mode. Step sequencing also available.
  • No load time when you switch beats and kits.
  • Easy to browse fi le system that syncs with the Beat Thang Hardware.
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