Bettermaker Bundle [MAC]

Bettermaker analog mastering bundle
  • Publisher: Bettermaker
  • Product: Bettermaker Bundle
    • Bettermaker BM60 1.0.0
    • Bettermaker Bus Compressor 1.0.0
    • Bettermaker EQ232D 1.1.0
  • Release: HCiSO
  • Version: 2024.05.22
  • Requirements: macOS 10.14 or later

In the world of professional audio mastering, few plugin developers command as much reverence as Bettermaker. Their obsessive quest for recreating the sound and workflow of legendary analog mastering processors has made them industry leaders. With the Bettermaker Bundle, this prowess is distilled into three indispensable tools – the BM60 reverb, Bus Compressor, and EQ232D equalizer.

Let’s start with the BM60 reverb. Based on iconic 80s digital hardware, it faithfully captures the lush ambience and dense reflections that became a signature sound on countless hit records. Its algorithm recreates both room and plate reverb types with startling accuracy. However, this emulation goes beyond mere imitation with modern quality-of-life features like ultra-low CPU usage, extensive parametric shaping, dynamic room simulation, and a library of convolved spaces. For adding luxurious reverb tails or creating immersive, resonant spaces, the BM60 is a premier option.
The Bus Compressor represents the pinnacle of VCA compression emulation. Modeled after revered analog bus compressors, it excels at musical dynamics control with exceptional transient response. Controls like auto-release, parallel blend, and harmonic VCA distortion grant a level of versatility lacking in hardware. Combined with sidechain options and metering, it’s a supremely flexible glue for mixing and mastering buses. The ability to freely adjust or use stepped knob modes caters to both technical and workflow preferences.

Where the bundle truly separates itself is the EQ232D. A painstaking model of one of the most respected passive EQ designs, it provides mastering-grade equalization reminiscent of ultra-expensive analog cousins. Its filter sections are incredibly comprehensive, featuring dual Pultec-style filters, 24dB/oct highpass filters, and four parametric bands with expansive frequency ranges. Stereo, dual mono, and M/S modes ensure full signal path precision, while the intuitive UI and extensive presets accelerate workflow.

All three plugins were developed in close partnership with the original Bettermaker team renowned for their analog modeling prowess. As such, they represent the epitome of analog mastering processing brought into the box while retaining digital recall and automation. The outstanding sound quality and surgical control make them suitable not just for mastering, but also precision mixing tasks.

The only critique is that such meticulous modeling does come at a premium price point compared to some other plugin alternatives. However, for professionals who demand authenticity and cannot compromise on audio fidelity, the Bettermaker Bundle is well worth the investment. It delivers the premium analog mastering sound and workflow digitally – a best-of-both-worlds solution for the modern studio.

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