Reason RE Lab One Recordings Black Knight 5 Band Equalizer [WiN]

Publisher: Reason Studios & Lab One Recordings
Product: Black Knight 5 Band Equalizer
Version: 2.0.0-R2R
Format: Reason Rack Extension
Requirements: You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder
  • Publisher: Reason Studios & Lab One Recordings
  • Product: Black Knight 5 Band Equalizer
  • Version: 2.0.0-R2R
  • Format: Reason Rack Extension
  • Requirements: You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

BLACK KNIGHT 5 Band EQ is an essential tool to aid with better equalization and more.

  • 5 flexible band controls
  • EQ plot & FFT display [1]
  • Deeper filter options

Black Knight version 1 included: 5 bands with 2 alternative modes CV connections for each control Saturation control pre- or post – EQ Hear EQ function 3 EQ modes

Black Knight v2 expands on v1 with the inclusion of:

  • 3 views to accomdate your personal taste: Classic, Hybrid and Digital modes
  • Digital ‘touch screen’ displays in Hybrid and Digital views with modifier key functionality
  • Upgrade mode to access 6 band types per band EQ plot display so you can visualise your EQ curve
  • Additional Saturation model for alternative harmonic excitation
  • New Peak meters with overload clip indicators (stereo input and output)
  • Stereo FFT display with FFT offset (+-18dB to allow for quieter signals to be analysed fairly and easily without changing the input level)
  • FFT slope function (-/+9dB at 1000Hz centre)
  • Oversampling mode to aid in a more natural analog style of EQ curve response
  • CV inputs and toggles for input and output controls 3U height to allow easier viewing on larger screens

LAB:ONE Recordings brings to the rack Black Knight 5 Band EQ (version 2).

For those who want to get the most out of equalisation, you can’t go wrong with Black Knight. 5 bands, each with up to 6 selectable modes (2 in v1 mode, 6 in v2 mode), full parametric frequency range controls, 7 selectable frequencies per band in two alternative graphic modes, 128 selectable chromatic note-to-frequency per band, dedicated resonance and gain controls, plus a feed input trim, gain output trim and a pre- or post-EQ saturation control and a new Saturation model, Black Knight makes your equalization decisions not only easy but enjoyable too.

With each band comes with dedicated CV input sockets for each control, so you can route in your favourite CV modules and signals directly in to Black Knight’s frequency, resonance, gain and saturation CV sockets for even more creativity.

The 5 bands are switchable between two modes in v1 mode:

  • Band 1: EQ or HP
  • Band 2: EQ or LS
  • Band 3: EQ or BP
  • Band 4: EQ or HS
  • Band 5: EQ or LP

In v2 mode, all possible filter type options are made available. Black Knight is fully compatible with projects using v1.

Each band resonance control has a range of 0.5 Q (2.5 octaves) to 32 Q (1/22nd octave), and each band gain control has a working range of +/-18dB.

The Feed input and Gain output controls have a range of -36dB to +18dB, which allow greater control when using Black Knight as a distortion effect in conjunction with the band gains and saturation.

The 4 modes of Black Knight are:

  1. Parametric (each frequency control has a full audible range working between 20Hz and 20kHz)
  2. Graphic 1 (each band has 7 selectable ISO frequency settings)
  3. Graphic 2 (each band has 7 carefully selected frequency settings for more musical sounding equalisation)
  4. Chromatic Mode (each band has access to the full MIDI convention of notes, totally 128 across the audio spectrum)

These 4 modes give you full control over exactly how you want to use Black Knight and how you want your audio to sound.

The Hybrid / Digital modes sport a new ‘touch-screen’ style display allowing you to manipulate frequency, gain and resonance in a mouse click. With modifier key actions you can ‘lock’ on the fly specifc controls for even more precision. FFT offsetting can bring up the FFT plot for quieter sounds, without you needing to drive more signal in to Black Knight, added with a FFT slope function, this makes Black Knight a highly flexible device. See manual for more details.

For a more natural sound, Black Knight allows you to oversample, so you can get a more analog response curve to your EQ filtering[2], while keeping at CD / TV standards frequencies (44.1kHz / 48kHz).

With over 160 presets bundled with Black Knight, this EQ is your next ‘go to’ device for getting your sounds just right. From light surgical presets to down-right brutal and desk-warming to abusive overloading sounds, Black Knight can do it all.

Don’t just take our word for it, take Black Knight out for a spin in your rack today*

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v2.0 Major update with brand new functionality, new look GUI with alternative views, upgrade functionality

v1.0.3 minor CV bug fix on Para Freq 1

v1.0.2 updated Remote texts

[1] in Hybrid and Digital views only
[2] CPU load may increase due to oversampling calculations

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