Publisher: BLEASS
Product: Chorus
Version: 1.2.0-FLARE
  • Publisher: BLEASS
  • Product: Chorus
  • Version: 1.2.0-FLARE

From subtle classic chorus effects to crazy textures, BLEASS Chorus VST crack brings stunning stereo modulations to any sound and allows a wide creative freedom for sound design.

Cracked BLEASS Chorus VST plugin is a two-stage chorus effect that offers a full control of the stereo image as well as a large range of effects, from subtle stereo wideners to crazy texture generators which you can visualize thanks to a dedicated oscilloscope with a very low CPU usage.

Have full control of the stereo image as well as all effect parameters in a one-screen, clean and responsive interface that goes beyond traditional chorusing, giving more creative freedom to sound designers and music producers.

Inspired by classic chorus pedals and rack effect units, ideal for thickening synth and guitar lines, BLEASS Chorus VST crack comes packed with a wide range of presets.

The Input Stage allows you to choose between a low-shelf or high-pass filter (to filter out the bass frequencies from input) as well as a gain adjustement.

The Chorus Stage offers multiple parameters to widen the Chorus effect thanks to a beautiful oscilloscope:

  • Choose the number of delay lines (up to 4)
  • Set the average delay Time
  • Define the speed of the LFO (Rate)
  • Define Left & Right depth (LFO’s Amplitude)
  • Toggle “Equal” to have both channel share the same depth
  • Width sets the offset between left and right channels
  • Feedback sets the amount of feedback
  • Tap the Oscilloscope to pause the visualization!

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