BLEASS Flanger [WiN-OSX]

Publisher: BLEASS
Product: Flanger
Version: v1.0.2-FLARE
  • Publisher: BLEASS
  • Product: Flanger
  • Version: v1.0.2-FLARE

BLEASS Flanger VST crack is a comprehensive flanging effect with a wide range of sonic possibilities thanks to 2 LFOS, 3 Stages of modulation and beat synchronization.

Cracked BLEASS Flanger VST plugin is a rich sounding flanging effect offering a wide range of synchronised modulations which colours sound in a novel and unique way thanks to its complex algorithmic combinations.
This Flanger VST crack offers three stages of modulation as well as two LFOs, combined offering great sonic versatility – from classic sine flanger sounds to crazy rhythmic modulations courtesy of its 6 different LFO shapes.
The ability to easily synchronize the flanging effect with the beat makes it ideal to bring subtle flanging variations while evolving harmoniously with a song’s dynamics.

BLEASS’ customary interface design makes for a smooth and efficient UI with clear visual feedback, increasing the enjoyment and playability of sound designing. As with other BLEASS plugins, BLEASS Flanger keygen is very low on CPU usage and works in all compatible hosts & DAWs.

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