• Publisher: BLEASS
  • Product: Motion EQ
  • Version: 1.0.1-FLARE

BLEASS Motion EQ is a powerful yet easy-to-use audio equalizer with unique features that unlock new realms of tonal creativity.

The plugin follows a graphic equalizer model, with the position of the three bands’ fader-style cut/boost controls also giving instant visual feedback of the EQ curve. But unlike a conventional graphic equalizer, BLEASS Motion EQ’s band widths are adjustable, making it easy to select the range of frequencies that will be affected by each band.

Not only does BLEASS Motion EQ let you balance the tone of your audio, it can also work as a flexible filter too. Low-pass, band-pass and high pass filtering can be achieved by making use of the band mute controls. You can even create an all-pass filter effect by moving the high and low cutoff frequencies close together.

The motion part of BLEASS Motion EQ comes in the form of a pair of LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators). These can control the frequency cutoff point of each band, as well as the amount of cut or boost that each band applies, allowing you to create swirling, ever-shifting tonal patterns. And with the LFOs Synced to your DAW, all manner of rhythmic tonal pulses and movements are possible.

The creative possibilities are taken to a new level by BLEASS Motion EQ’s ability to send each band’s signal to its own output bus*. This makes the plugin operate like a crossover, allowing you to route each band to its own track for further processing and mixing.

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