Publisher: BLEASS
Product: Phaser
Version: 1.0.2-FLARE
  • Publisher: BLEASS
  • Product: Phaser
  • Version: 1.0.2-FLARE

BLEASS Phaser VST crack is an all-encompassing phasing effect which offers a vast array of sonic possibilities, from resonant swirls to stunning atmospheric stereo sounds.

A colorful and magnetizing Spectrum View coincides with the notch frequencies, and brings an instantly pleasing sonic and optic effect into the sound design process

Popularised by everyone from Queen to Chromeo, Jean-Michel Jarre to Tame Impala, the phaser effect is great for many instruments such as synthesizer, guitar, bass, and vocals. No modulation collection would be complete without a phaser.

This is why cracked BLEASS Phaser delivers at the same time all of the classic phasing effects through 40 refined presets as well as a large pull of stereo functionalities and interweaving modulations thanks to its frequency & spread LFOs, as well as a precise control over the stereo.

The phaser effect processes the signal through successive all-pass filters and adds the resulting signal to the original to create phase cancellation around certain frequencies (notches). A feedback loop reinjects a certain amount of the processed signal back into the filters chain.

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