Bogren Digital Trivium Ampknob Bundle [WiN]

The Trivium Ampknob Bundle includes rhythm, lead, and bass guitar amp sim plugins
  • Publisher: Bogren Digital
  • Product: Trivium Ampknob Bundle
  • Release: MOCHA
  • Version: 2024.05.15
  • Format: VST3/AAX/SAL

For guitarists and bassists seeking to nail the signature heavy tones of metal giants Trivium, there’s no better solution than the official Trivium Ampknob Bundle. This trio of guitar/bass amp sim plugins delivers the exact amp sounds used by the band, tweaked to perfection and captured in an easy-to-use software format.

Trivium Rhythm – The Precision Chugging Machine

When it comes to crafting brutal, tight rhythm guitar tones, the Trivium Rhythm plugin is your weapon of choice. It captures the ultra-tight low-end chunk behind Trivium’s lightning-fast chugging riffage without any muddiness. Three boost modes shape the high-gain character, while cab sims and IRDX Technology infuse authentic dynamic speaker resonance.

Trivium Lead – Soaring Lead Tones and Effects

The Trivium Lead amp sim goes way beyond just nailing lead amp sounds – it’s a comprehensive tone-sculpting solution. The amp model itself provides scything high-gain tones perfect for melodic leads and solos. But the real magic lies in the integrated effects. The innovative “Chorey” effect combines lush chorus textures with pitch-shifting doubling for wide, lush tones. There’s also a built-in delay with stereo imaging potential.

Trivium Bassknob – Down-Tuned Definition

For bassists looking to replicate Paolo Gregoletto’s thunderous tone, the aptly-named Trivium Bassknob is the Answer. Purposefully designed for use with bright bass strings and clean pickups, this amp sim excels at giving low, detuned bass lines clarity and punch. The intuitive drive control adds just the right amount of grit when needed.

Professionally Endorsed Simplicity

While the Trivium Ampknob Bundle is certainly capable of extreme high-gain tones suitable for metal, its versatility extends far beyond that. Each plugin provides easy-to-use tone-shaping with a minimum of knobs and controls. Best of all, these are the actual amp models used, tweaked, and endorsed by the members of Trivium themselves.

Whether you’re trying to replicate Trivium’s iconic tones for covers or writing original heavy music in this style, this bundle is the ultimate signature tone solution. With its authentic amp captures and smart, efficient interfaces, it makes it easier than ever to sound like your metal heroes.

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