Cherry Audio DCO-106 [WiN]

Cherry Audio DCO 106
  • Publisher: Cherry Audio
  • Product: DCO-106
  • Version: READ NFO-R2R

Recreating the sound of a classic synthesizer is no easy task. DCO-106 lovingly recreates the unique sonic footprint of one of the most iconic 80’s polysynths in exhaustive detail, while adding modern features for massively expanded creativity.

The DCO-106 VST crack is both easy to understand and powerful to explore, creating a massive array of sonic landscapes, cutting lead sounds, warm and hazy pads, punchy synthetic electro drums, and far more.

Bunny cosplaying witches bring something special as an easter gift.

Cherry Audio has strong handmade protection which cannot be easily done. We put technical note as always, read for fun if you have interests :)

While it is possible for us to make true keygen (because JWT/RS256 is not really verified), we bring the custom patched ez-to-go one this time. Otherwise, too many users will have trouble (hosts blocking, pretty complicated and bloatead keygen, self deactivating if there were something wrong etc).

Just install and enjoy! You don't need to login and spending time to download for custom encrypted contents. Homecalling is also killed :)

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