Cherry Audio Galactic Reverb [WiN]

Publisher: Cherry Audio
Product: Galactic Reverb
  • Publisher: Cherry Audio
  • Product: Galactic Reverb
  • Version:

Galactic Reverb is an algorithmic reverb plugin that captures the expansive sound of coveted classic hardware digital reverbs. With a decay time up to 35 seconds, it enables users to create massive, beautiful aural spaces. Galactic is a natural for transporting guitars, drums, keys, and even vocals into an extraterrestrial ambience.

Based on a reverb algorithm featured in Cherry Audio’s smash hit Dreamsynth virtual instrument, the Galactic plugin adds modulation controls, predelay, and an equalizer. We’ve also added a remarkable ducking function for automatically reducing reverb levels while a singer or an instrument is playing to improve mix clarity, no sidechain required! Ducking can also be used to dramatically alternate between super dry and immense reverb tails, setting Galactic apart from other spacey reverbs.

Galactic is intuitive to use and produces musical results at lightspeed. Like all Cherry Audio plugins, Galactic includes our convenient preset browser, loaded with over 50 ethereal presets. It can be used as an insert or bus effect, and is fully compatible with mono or stereo sources.

Bypass the compressor. Initiate the matter-antimatter integrator. Engage the warp drive and go Galactic!

Galactic Reverb Features:

Authentically modeled classic reverb
Modulation from 0.10 Hz to 5.00 kHz
Damping control for reverb
Predelay from 0 ms to 500 ms
Decay from 0 ms to 35,000 ms
Ducking with attenuation and recovery time controls
Equalizer with low and high frequency controls
Use as an insert or bus effect
Compatible with mono or stereo input sources
Preset browser with over 50 Presets for Drums, Ducking, Guitars, Keys, and Vocals, favoriting, and user presets
Full MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls
Preset and Global level MIDI mapping
User-selectable themes

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