Reason RE Combo Compact Organ [WiN]

Publisher: Reason Studios & Jiggery-Pokery Sound
Product: Combo Compact Organ
Version: 1.0.3-DECiBEL
  • Publisher: Reason Studios & Jiggery-Pokery Sound
  • Product: Combo Compact Organ
  • Version: 1.0.3-DECiBEL
  • Format: Reason Rack Extension
  • Requirements: You need R2R Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

Combo Compact RE at last brings the versatile “Pink Floyd” transistor organ sound into the format everyone wants: an easy-to-use organ Rack Extension in your Reason studio, with all the upper registration tabs, and all the multi-tones and boost tones.

It might be small and lean, but this volcanic piece of former Roman engineering can still unleash more fun in your Reason rack than competing devices three times its size!

Whether you make chart or psychedelic pop tunes, or EDM, try it now and surprise yourself at the inspirational difference real organ tones makes to your tracks.

This RE version of the original Combo Compact ReFill brings the brilliantly versatile Italian organ to life with its easily selectable voices and effect controls, all wrapped up in in a handy and truly Compact device.

Combo Compact Organ features

Combo Compact Organ models most of the features found across the Compact range of transistor organs:

Original F/AR spring convolution reverb, exclusive to the Retro Organs 2.0 range, provides the authentic Compact reverb sound [Compact Duo]
Bass 16’, Strings 16’, Flute 8’, Oboe 8’, Trumpet 8’, Strings 8’, Flute 8’, Flute 4’, Strings 4’, Piccolo 4 [Compact Mk1]
Select 2-2/3’ [Compact Mk2/Duo Mk2] or 2-2/3’ +2’ mixture [Duo Mk1], with Brilliant filter select
Multi-boost 16’, 8’, 4’ and 2-2/3’ +2’ with adjustable All-Boost level [(Duo Mk1]
12-note Bass Section (C0-B2) with adjustable level provides excellent accompaniment capability [all versions]
Separate Bass Section audio output [all versions]
Percussion Section adds a choice of decay envelope, short or long decay for percussive and harpsichord-type sounds [Deluxe/Duos]
Rate adjustable Percussion Repeat function [Duo Mk2] (Repeat Rate is tempo-synced)
Tab selectable Vibrato adjustment [all versions]
Tremolo [Duo Mk2]
High and low shelf EQ [Duos]
Selectable Expression Pedal for swell [all versions]
Tube or transistor-style amp model with drive adjust
119 Combo Compact patches
37 Combinators
12 additional instrument Combinators utilising RE FX, including Propellerhead Rotor

Demo track “Richard Wright” by The Quixotes; all sounds except drums are Combo Compact Organ patches and Combinators.

Demo track “Compact Song”, kindly donated by alteree; all sounds except drums from Combo Compact Organ, with additional FX processing.

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