Cymatics Shockwave Bass Engine [WiN-MAC]

Cymatics Shockwave - Bass Engine VST plugin
  • Publisher: Cymatics
  • Product: Shockwave – Bass Engine
  • Release: GTA
  • Version: 1.0.0 RETAIL

For music producers seeking truly massive, unique, and endlessly customizable bass tones, Cymatics has delivered a game-changer with Shockwave Bass Engine. This powerful plugin reimagines bass sound design from the ground up, providing a vast playground for crafting fresh, impactful low-end that cuts through the mix.

No Ordinary Bass Sample Engine

From the moment you launch Shockwave, it’s clear this is no mere sample player or collection of generic 808 hits. This is a fully-fledged bass synthesis workstation packed with an immense core library of curated, production-ready presets to kick off your sound explorations.

But where Shockwave separates itself is the exceptional flexibility to sculpt those source sounds into truly unique aural signatures using its innovative suite of sound-shaping engines and macros.

Infinite Bass DNA Sculpting

At the heart of Shockwave’s creative power lies its five central “Bass DNA” modules. The Shape engine goes far beyond simple ADSR envelopes, with customizable pitch, filter, and volume contours. The aptly named Noise module addscrunchy top-end texture and grit.
For broad tonal sweeps, the resonant Filter module excels. The Width control defines the bass signal’s stereo imaging. Finally, the central Hype knob ties everything together by dialing in levels of aggression, saturation, and character from subtle warmth to utterly decimated.

Seamless Workflow Integration

While immensely powerful, Shockwave never feels overwhelming. Its clever interface keeps the core sculpting modules up-front while tucking more advanced functions neatly into tabs. With assignable macro controls, you can rapidly morph between vastly different bass textures in the heat of a session or performance.

For added flexibility, Shockwave integrates seamlessly with your favorite DAW as a VST, AU, or AAX plugin with effortless preset browsing. You can even sidechain the plugin for rhythmic pumping.

Your Bass Fountain of Youth

For basslines, sub-basses, 808s or any low-end application, Shockwave is designed to inject new vitality and creativity into your production workflow. No longer are you stuck endlessly scrolling through tired sample packs for that same old generic bass tone. With this innovative bass engine, your low-end possibilities become truly limitless.

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