Dawesome Myth v1.10 [WiN-MAC]

Myth is the new flagship synthesizer VST plugin of Dawesome
  • Publisher: Dawesome
  • Product: Myth
  • Release: TCD MORiA
  • Version: 1.10 — 1.10 U2B
  • Format: VST3/AUi/VST3i

Dawesome has taken a bold leap into the realm of synthesis with their flagship creation, Myth. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sound maestro, Myth promises to transform your sonic visions into tangible reality, irrespective of your musical inclination. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this revolutionary synthesizer.

Non-Linear Synthesis

At the core of Myth lies a groundbreaking approach to sound creation – Non-Linear Synthesis. While Virtual Analog Modeling has long been the norm in the industry, Myth dares to venture beyond by embracing the inherent richness of non-linear processing. Unlike the linear nature of digital filters, Myth’s synthesis engine infuses each sound with dynamic depth and complexity, reminiscent of analog warmth. This departure from convention opens the door to a vast sonic landscape, encompassing the breadth of FM, physical modeling, wavetables, and analog synthesis, all within the grasp of a few intuitive knobs.

Exploiting Natural Variances of Samples

Myth introduces a paradigm shift in synthesis methodology by reimagining the role of samples. Traditionally, oscillator waves remained static, requiring extensive modulation to infuse life into the sound. However, Myth revolutionizes this approach by allowing users to seamlessly integrate audio samples, which are then re-synthesized into intricate IRIS structures. The TRANSFORMER dials unlock the latent variations and richness inherent within the samples, offering an unprecedented level of sonic manipulation and expression.

Emulating the Joy of Hardware

One of the hallmarks of hardware synthesis is the tactile immediacy it affords – a simple twist of a knob yields instant auditory gratification, as the sound morphs and evolves in real-time. Myth faithfully emulates this tactile experience, capturing the essence of playing with hardware. Gone are the days of laborious sound programming; instead, users are encouraged to embark on sonic exploration, intuitively tweaking knobs to sculpt their desired soundscapes. While traditional modulation tools such as LFOs and envelopes remain at your disposal, Myth’s immersive interface ensures that the need for such interventions is minimal, as the sheer joy of hands-on manipulation takes center stage.

Dawesome’s Myth transcends the boundaries of conventional synthesis, offering a transformative experience that redefines the art of sound design. With its innovative approach to non-linear synthesis, seamless integration of audio samples, and faithful emulation of hardware interaction, Myth empowers musicians and producers to unleash their creativity like never before. Whether you’re a novice seeking sonic adventure or a seasoned professional pushing the boundaries of musical expression, Myth stands as a testament to Dawesome’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of synthesis.

Myth version 1.10 Release Notes:

  • ADD: setting to cap the poylphony globally for all instances of Myth
  • FIX: VST category set to “instrument”
  • FIX: corrected ARP setting for the presets: BABA YAGA, GUIDED TRIP and JOURNEY ACROSS TIME
  • FIX: the indicator display for MATH was not correct when using JIT / PERLIN with RATE==0
  • FIX: intermittend freezing of UI could happen under WIN
  • FIX: ensure idle CPU is low even for win systems which showed intermittend freezing
  • FIX: high idle cpu due to the intermittend freeze-fix
  • FIX: background observer thread needs to stop at teardown
  • FIX: linux – crash when removing mod source with “x”
  • FIX: context menus could appear too small on some win systems
  • FIX: on waveform 13 setting ASIO to NONE could lead to MYTH crashing
  • FIX: added RING / FADE explanation to the manual
  • FIX: in the first iteration of 1.08 there was a bug with MACROS modulating monophonic parameters
  • FIX: increase resize limits for the UI for people with 2-screens that vary in (virtual) resolution
  • FIX: in mono mode the display of the LFO mod source value was not correct when POLY==off
  • FIX: in the LFO removing and re-adding POS module did disable it

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