Denise Audio Bass XXL [WiN-MAC]

Denise Audio Bass XXL VST
  • Publisher: Denise Audio
  • Supplier: MOCHA
  • Product: Bass XXL
  • Version: 1.0.0 Regged
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX/AU

Bass XXL offers a more effective way to get the thick and consistent low end that defines modern mixes. Thanks to a proprietary algorithm that creates harmonics above the root frequency, your bass will be enhanced even through earbuds and small speakers.

Create ‘Brainwashing’ Bass

Bass XXL makes use of a proprietary algorithm designed to supersize the low end. The plugin accomplishes this by generating additional harmonics that are actually above the bass frequency you want to enhance.

This concept takes advantage of a psychoacoustic phenomenon that causes our brains to interpret sub bass audio largely based on its harmonics more so than the lowest sounds being produced. Even in the absence of sub bass frequencies, we fill in the blanks and perceive the bass as long as the proper harmonics are present.

With so many of today’s earbuds and small speakers unable to generate satisfying low end, Bass XXL comes to the rescue by enhancing your bass with fat and beefy harmonics that can be more easily heard.

The ultimate low-end enhancement tool

Based on the cult success of our Bass XL V1, we wanted to raise the bar with Bass XXL and create the ‘be-all-end-all’ bass enhancement tool. Use the plugin to beef up bass lines, kick drums, toms, drum groups, or even entire mixes.

All harmonics are not created equal

Bass XXL’s harmonics algorithm is custom developed for low-end duties. Unlike a sub-synth, it generates its harmonics entirely from your dry track, resulting in a natural and organic bass enhancement that blends perfectly. The algorithm combines the smoothness of analog saturation with digital precision and oversampling. Furthermore, we have eliminated the phasing issues that sometimes occur with this type of effect.

Relieving the pain

One of the biggest pain points in professional mixing is to get a defined low end that translates well to all listening devices. Bass XXL does not offer any miracle cure but it relieves a big part of the headache and makes your job a whole lot easier.

Boost With Surgical Precision

Low-end harmonics are a powerful thing. So before you add them, you’ll want to determine exactly where to focus. Bass XXL offers flexibility with three distinct modes:

Frequency — Manually select your desired frequency to add punch and heft to kick drums, percussion, one shots, and mix groups.

Root Note — For melodic instruments like synth or bass guitar, choose a root note to ensure that Bass XXL’s harmonic enhancements are in key with your track.

‍Midi — If you want Bass XXL to update its focus in accordance with tonal movements in your track, you can control the plugin via midi (for instance by linking it to your bass line).

Let The Magic In

Harmonics — Use the Harmonics knob to set the intensity of the harmonic generation. Part of Bass XXL’s magic is in the musical way it processes your dry track to generate these harmonics. So don’t be afraid to turn it up. Engage oversampling for even higher quality.

Boost — The Boost knob mixes in the harmonics in parallel – i.e. without touching your dry track. This ensures that you can add harmonics to your low end without messing with its original placement in your mix. Engage Solo mode to listen to the harmonics in isolation.

See what can’t be heard — Gain clinical insight into your track’s bass frequencies with a spectrogram zoomed in on just the low end, displaying Bass XXL’s harmonics and your unaffected dry signal separately. To get a visual reference of the full spectrum, click the magnifying glass icon in the top panel.

Your Bass. Your Way.

Pre-delay — Lets you to preserve the transient of your dry signal by adding a delay to the harmonics.

Mono — While you’ll generally want your bass to be front and center in your mix, Bass XXL’s mono knob gives you the flexibility to preserve a track’s stereo image.

Slope — Use the Slope knob to shape the harmonic signal by setting the curve at which Bass XXL’s frequencies roll off. Use a gradual slope for a smoother, more analog feel, or go steeper for a more surgical enhancement.

Range — Set how many octaves Bass XXL’s harmonics will be generated over. High range settings will make the effect more audible, while lower settings will keep the effect more subtle.

It’s Not A Synth

So what is this thing, then? To address some of the confusion, it is not a sub-synth, but a highly specialized effect plugin that takes your dry track and carefully generates harmonics in a contained frequency area, then blends these harmonics into your track. The way Bass XXL creates its harmonics takes advantage of a psychoacoustic phenomenon, which makes our brain perceive more low end, even if there isn’t any. This is handy for achieving a powerful bass presence on big and small speakers alike.

With Bass XXL, we have taken this concept as far as we possibly could, giving you extra versatility and the highest sound quality. The plugin is CPU light and does not introduce any phasing issues or latency. Unlike a sub synth, Bass XXL’s harmonics are derived entirely from your original track. This results in a natural bass enhancement that feels more like ‘adding some extra magic’ than layering another instrument. Go grab the demo and try it for yourself!

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