Denise Audio The Sweeper [WiN-MAC]

Publisher: Denise Audio
Supplier: R2R
Product: The Sweeper
Version: Regged
  • Publisher: Denise Audio
  • Supplier: R2R
  • Product: The Sweeper
  • Version: Regged

Brush tradition under the rug and liven up your tracks with The Sweeper, a dynamic filter that allows you to craft exciting sonic movements within single tracks or put the finishing touch on a mix by sidechaining its envelope to another audio source.

Get Swept Up in the Moment

Adaptive Filter

‍The Sweeper automatically applies its filter based on the loudness of the source audio signal it receives.


‍Shape the frequency response of one track using another as a trigger to forge into new sonic territory, create space, and inject energy into your mix.

Interactive Graph

‍The Sweeper’s visual interface shows you how the plug-in’s filter is responding to the source audio signal in real time.


‍Add subtle air or generate screaming highs with The Sweeper’s wide-ranging resonance parameter.

Attack and release

Precisely control how The Sweeper’s filter envelope reacts to its source audio and applies its effect to your targeted track.

Selectable start and end frequencies

Adjust the filter sweep’s start and end frequencies to cascade over the full range of your audio or impact just a designated portion of the spectrum. Then use the Flip option to reverse the effect’s direction.


Adapt or Perish

The Sweeper mops the floor with yesterday’s dynamic filter plugins by offering new and unexpected ways to keep your audience on their toes and craft journeys that challenge the conventions of how, when, and why to apply the effect.

By directly responding to the amplitude of a direct or sidechained audio input, The Sweeper applies its filter to a targeted track to create unique patterns of tension and release that would otherwise require hours of meticulous automation to achieve.

Take your listeners for a ride by aggressively manipulating the filter envelope’s attack and release parameters to build rises and drops into your tracks across the entire frequency range. For a more delicate approach, use the same controls gingerly to bring a subtle degree of organic motion and interest to previously static instruments and performances within just a slice of spectrum.

With a pristine visual interface featuring a graph that shows the plugin’s response to its audio input source in real time, The Sweeper ensures that the path to shaping your sound will always remain crystal clear.

It can even be used as a more natural and precise alternative to sidechain compression, making The Sweeper a refreshing way to blow the dust off of your workflow and creatively reassess your approach to everything from drum busses to your final mix.

Denise Audio is acquired by Baby Audio. All binaries are rebuilt and version is reset to v1.0.0. To avoid confusion, we put "2023" after the version number.

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