Devicemeister Stepic 1.5 [WiN]

Stepic is a step and modulation sequencer VST plugin
  • Publisher: Devicemeister
  • Product: Stepic
  • Release: MOCHA
  • Version: 1.5.11
  • Format: VST3/AMXD

When you crave freshly sculpted rhythms and patterns that transcend the conventional limitations of grid-locked samplers, look no further than Devicemeister’s Stepic. This is a beat design workstation overflowing with unique flavors of rhythmic grit.

At its core, Stepic combines the raw elements of a classic beatbox groove box with the infinite exploratory possibilities of modern sample manglers. You’ll find a deep well of gritty, characterful drums and percussion sourced from across the globe. But where Stepic truly shines is in its delicious blend of randomized sample tweakery and beat mutations.

Take the delightfully bizarre Tube FX starter patches, for example. These launch you into a post-apocalyptic badlands of blown speaker cone destruction, rammed home with layers of blistering amp distortion and mangled processing. Or explore the dusty, arcane Microtonal realms of Tunings from the Cradle of Civilization – strange tones seemingly beamed in from ancient tablets found in the desert heat.

The built-in effects are equally inspiring and sonically adventurous. Model your samples through guitar amps and speaker cabinets. Pulverize and decimate with aggressive bitcrushing and resolution resampling. There’s even unique spectral filtering and resonant tube-based distortion.

And that’s not even touching on the deep Sample Pool, which provides a dizzying range of gritty source material from around the globe. Think deeply sculpted and resampled drums cherry-picked from some of the wildest and most bizarre places imaginable.

With Stepic, it really feels like you’re being granted exclusive access to some lost crate of forsaken, forbidden rhythm knowledge. A veritable Pandora’s box of strange echoes and deeply offensive rhythms.

Of course, such sonic thresholding does demand a certain pathological obsession with detail. It can take some real deep-drilling to unearth the molten gems. Although you will find welcome oasis zones of beauty amidst the howling winds and blistered data-sands.

Some may recoil at the seemingly infinite options sprawled across Stepic’s sample puddles, gritty filter distortion, and resonant circuit paths. But for those on a devoted quest for the funkezone at the molten soulcore of rhythm, these are small prices to pay…

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  • Post last modified:May 28, 2024

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