Diezel Amps Bundle [WiN]

Diezel Amps Bundle includes Herbert and VH4
  • Publisher: Diezel Amplification
  • Product: Diezel Amps Bundle
    • Diezel Herbert v1.5.1
    • Diezel VH4 v1.5.1
  • Release: TCD
  • Version: 2024.5
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX/JBridge files
  • Requirements: X64/X86

When it comes to uncompromising high-gain amplifier tones for heavy rock and metal, few names command more respect than Diezel. These German amp craftsmen have been building some of the most sonically pummeling rigs on the planet for decades, powering the iconic tones of bands like Metallica, Tool, and more.

With the Diezel Amps Bundle from Plugin Alliance, guitar tone connoisseurs can now harness two of the brand’s most ferocious high-gain beasts in glorious plugin form – the VH4 and the Herbert. And let me tell you, these virtual amp models pull exactly zero punches in the aggressive tone department.

Let’s start with the VH4, which in the hardware realm has basically been the secret weapon high-gain amp for artists who need clarity and articulation, even at ferociously distorted levels. Plugin Alliance’s emulation is as faithful as it gets, nailing every last nuance of this legendary 100-watt 4-channel monster.

Fire up the Mega or Lead channels, and you’re instantly pummeled by a tidal wave of dense, aggressive distortion that’s incredibly tight and focused in the low-end. The VH4’s diabolical EQ voicing allows even the most reamped 7-string chugs to maintain planar definition without getting muddy.

But what’s even more jaw-dropping is just how sensitive and responsive this plugin is to pick attack and guitar volume changes. The VH4 seamlessly morphs between slightly crunchy rhythms and blown-out lead tones just by picking harder or rolling off your guitar’s volume knob a bit. This amp forces you to dig in and actuallyplay – a welcome breath of fresh air in the often stale world of scooped metal amp modeling.

Now let’s talk about the Herbert – Diezel’s “kitchen sink” all-out modern metal amplifier. With a stupidly powerful 180-watt power section, this virtual head dishes out an obscene amount of headroom and low-end clarity at any gain level. For the most aggressive, devilishly heavy rhythms, the Herbert is an absolute ripper.
I’m talking about tight, snarling distortion tones with enough low-end fog to smother a marsh. Yet the Herbert still maintains outstanding dynamic response and note articulation, even with seven or eight-strings downtuned well below standard pitch. It’s a truly ferocious high-gain monster for the modern riffer.

Where the Diezel bundle really shines though is in its dynamic range capabilities. Toggle over to the clean channels, and you’re presented with a beautiful, glistening array of sparkling Fender-esque American cleans and edgy Brit-rock rhythms.

By offering this duality of crispy cleans and gnarly distortion, the Diezel package truly is an all-in-one solution for dropped-tuned genres requiring a broad palette of amp flavors.

The plugins themselves are impressively deep in terms of options, allowing you to tweak every element – from the power amp section to the cabinet resonance. There’s also a handy built-in noise gate and load box sim, ensuring you can track silky-quiet amp tones even at bathroom-demolishing volumes.

In summary, the Diezel Amps Bundle is an outstanding high-gain virtual amp solution for the modern metal musician. It beautifully emulates two of the most revered and tonally belligerent amps in recent history while offering the pristine sound quality and convenience of a plugin. If you’re after earth-shakingly heavy yet articulate distortion tones, look no further than these German tone beasts.

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