EastWest Public Enemy Beats And Loops [WiN]

EastWest 25th Anniversary Collection
  • Publisher: EastWest
  • Product: EastWest 25th Anniversary Collection – Public Enemy Beats And Loops
  • Version: 1.0.0-R2R
  • Requirements: You need R2R PLAY/OPUS release to use this library

With this “beats and loops” collection, Public Enemy became the first major hip-hop act to release such a collection. The collection includes over two hours of “beats and loops,” presented in a “construction kit” format (fully mixed loops and all of the individual samples used to make up the entire loop).

“What’s most important here are the samples themselves. So are they any good? Well, the content of the kits is, in a word, excellent. Style-wise the kits are quite unique, rather than emulating any trends. And the sound quality is top notch, as is the selection of samples and elements. All the drum loops have the required beef and bite and contain a mixture of played and programmed beats that works well. The rhythms themselves range in style from the standard ‘boom-bap’ to more complex patterns giving a varied palette of loops to choose from. 5/5.” (Sound On Sound)

EastWest Public Enemy Beats And Loops

Each instrument is its own construction kit with the full loop mapped on C3 followed by its parts: drums, bass, guitar, and percussion. The individual drums are also mapped in their own group starting on C1. When you load any instrument, the loops play at the original tempo until you turn on the Tempo Sync Button in the interface’s instrument settings; they then play at the tempo you’ve set in your sequencer.

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