Elementary Sounds REKA [WiN-MAC]

Elementary Sounds REKA Venta EM-17 VST
  • Publisher: Elementary Sounds
  • Supplier: P2P
  • Product: REKA
  • Version: 1.0.0

REKA is a digital Soviet-Lithuanian piano Venta EM-17. During the working process our goal was not simply to copy the original sound into the digital world, but rather to augment it with our own vision of the times in which it was produced.


The instrument was recorded in 3 different versions.

Recording with a Tesla channel strip that was made in Czechoslovakia, a Mosfet compressor from 1981 and a lot of other vintage tube gear, with the final shaping done by the Studer tape mastering recorder, we obtained a version of Venta EM-17 combining its original majesty with our own vision. This is version 1 – a pure sound of the instrument.

The other 2 versions have several augmentations. They were recorded implementing an additional rare Soviet MN-61 recorder, which uses a very thin wire instead of a usual tape to capture sound. This resulted in an inimitable version of an instrument every time we recorded and so these two options offer Venta EM-17 with ever so slightly different sentiments.

It is important for us to mention that all three versions can be used in mono and stereo.

Overall, you do not need to use any additional plugins to emulate analog sound, tape, etc. REKA’s sound is already warm and has a very specific character. Simply combine all the 3 versions or use them separately to discover your own favourite one.


You will find 1, but a very flexible patch in this instrument.

Its sound is soft, fragile and, in a certain sense, frozen in time. Thanks to 2 audio lines passed through the MN-61 wire recorder, we have achieved a pleasant nostalgic and organic sound.

The sound design is almost completely based on the original Venta’s sound with a slight addition of a rare Soviet organola, the sound of which perfectly matched the sound of the Venta.

We also wanted to convey that somewhat depressing Soviet atmosphere of the early 90s and used quite a few rare Soviet pedals and euro rack modules to achieve this aim.


  • 1 articulation in 3 versions
  • Custom tape designed and eurorack style sound design patches
  • 5 RR per note
  • Up to 4 velocity per note
  • VST3/AU plugin for macOS (10.11+) and Windows
  • Native Apple Silicon (M1)
  • MPE support
  • NOT compatible with Pro Tools and any other DAWs that do not support VST3/AU formats
  • 856 MB compressed
  • 1.66 GB uncompressed

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