Elementary Sounds WREMENA Bundle [WiN-MAC]

Elementary Sounds WREMENA ONE and TWO Bundle VST AU
  • Publisher: Elementary Sounds
  • Supplier: P2P
  • Product: WREMENA Bundle
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Format: VST/AU

Explore the perfect blend of vintage and modern with our WREMENA ONE & TWO Bundle. WREMENA ONE, featuring a PRS-sampled guitar, delivers an intimate, warm tone, ideal for those seeking a touch of ’90s nostalgia. On the other hand, WREMENA TWO, based on a 1971 Fender Jazz Bass, adds a rich, ’70s-inspired texture to your compositions.

Both instruments are user-friendly, allowing even non-guitarists to produce natural, character-filled sounds. WREMENA ONE provides four sound lines for tonal diversity, while WREMENA TWO offers two, each with unique characteristics.

When used together, these instruments create a multi-layered, emotionally rich soundscape. Their distinct yet complementary tones offer endless possibilities for musical storytelling. Don’t miss this opportunity to own both at a special bundled price.

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