FeelYourSound ChilloutEngine 2 Pro [WiN-MAC]

ChilloutEngine is a plug-in (VST, AU) that generates new relaxed keys, smooth basslines, and memorable hooks from your MIDI chord progressions automatically.
  • Publisher: FeelYourSound
  • Product: ChilloutEngine 2 Pro
  • Release: R2R
  • Version: 2.0.0 Incl Keygen
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AU

FeelYourSound ChilloutEngine 2 Pro is a groundbreaking tool designed to streamline the music production process for chillout tracks. By transforming chord progressions into relaxed keys, smooth basslines, memorable hooks, and lovely arpeggios, this plugin offers a seamless solution to common challenges faced by producers in the genre. In this review, we’ll explore the features, functionality, and overall effectiveness of ChilloutEngine 2 Pro in enhancing the creative workflow of chillout music production.


ChilloutEngine 2 Pro simplifies the creation of chillout tracks by automating the generation of MIDI patterns based on user-input chord progressions. With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly import MIDI chord progressions or generate new ones directly within the plugin. The extensive library of presets offers a wide range of relaxed keys, smooth basslines, and memorable hooks to choose from, ensuring compatibility and coherence with the original chord progression. Additionally, the plugin allows for real-time previewing of presets and seamless integration with popular DAWs through drag-and-drop functionality.


The functionality of ChilloutEngine 2 Pro is straightforward and user-friendly. By eliminating the need for manual MIDI programming, the plugin streamlines the creative process and alleviates writer’s block commonly experienced when producing chillout tracks. Users can easily experiment with different presets, fine-tune parameters, and preview results in real-time, empowering them to quickly discover inspiring musical ideas and arrangements. Whether composing relaxing background music, downtempo beats, or atmospheric soundscapes, ChilloutEngine 2 Pro offers the flexibility and versatility to meet the demands of any chillout production project.


In terms of effectiveness, ChilloutEngine 2 Pro excels in delivering authentic and professional MIDI patterns that complement the original chord progressions seamlessly. The generated keys, basslines, and arpeggios exhibit a natural flow and coherence, enhancing the overall mood and atmosphere of the music. By providing users with a diverse selection of presets and customization options, the plugin encourages experimentation and creativity, allowing producers to explore new sonic territories and express their musical vision with confidence.

Overall, FeelYourSound ChilloutEngine 2 Pro is a game-changing tool for chillout music producers seeking to streamline their workflow and unlock new creative possibilities. With its intuitive interface, extensive preset library, and seamless integration with popular DAWs, ChilloutEngine 2 Pro empowers users to effortlessly generate authentic and inspiring MIDI patterns for their chillout tracks. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a newcomer to the genre, ChilloutEngine 2 Pro offers a powerful solution for enhancing the quality and efficiency of your chillout music production endeavors.

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