FKFX Vocal Freeze [MAC]

Time-lapse effect VST plugin for MAC
  • Publisher: FKFX
  • Supplier: MORiA
  • Product: Vocal Freeze
  • Version: 1.4.0 U2B
  • Format: AU/VST/VST3

Step into a realm of timeless sound with VOCAL FREEZE, where the eternal essence of every voice and instrument is captured and preserved in a mesmerizing time-lapse. Elevate your frozen sound to new heights as it gracefully navigates through a cascade of interconnected effects. Immerse yourself in unrivaled precision through our state-of-the-art, perpetually scanning high-rate FFT technology. Unleash the simplicity that fuels boundless creativity in every endeavor. Embrace the power of endless possibilities!

Simplify your creative process with just one master knob to activate all freezes and effects. The entire system seamlessly follows this knob, ensuring an effortless freezing experience.

Effortlessly record each freeze, generating synced and named audio files that can be easily dragged from the desktop back into your DAW.

Explore new and finely-tuned sonic landscapes by feeding a voice, pausing on an ‘A’ or ‘O,’ and dropping the recorded file back in, instantly creating a perfectly fitting texture.

Experience unprecedented effects with Cristalise and Radian, capable of transforming any noisy noise into a sharp and crystal-clear sound, while FFT comb can add a robotic touch.

Engage in synchronized rotations of the four buffers, offering innovative ways to stop sound at four different moments in time using time gap control.

Take control of frozen sounds with LFO control, elevating them to new heights. Graphically program all responses, ensuring easy accelerations, synchronization, and normalization with RMS auto control.

Vocal Freeze Features:

  • 4 Freeze Buffers: Enhance your creative freedom with four freeze buffers.
  • Auto Record Frozen Sounds: Automatically record frozen sounds with bar number naming for better organization within your host.
  • Auto Dry/Wet: Simplify your workflow with an auto dry/wet feature.
  • FFT Comb Effect: Explore unique sonic possibilities with the FFT Comb effect.
  • RMS Auto Level: Achieve high dynamics freezes with RMS auto level.
  • Phaser with Response Curve: Add depth to your frozen sounds using the phaser with a customizable response curve.
  • Reverb/Delay Extra Module: Expand your sonic palette with an additional reverb/delay module.
  • Morphing Load Manager: Effortlessly manage morphing with the Morphing Load Manager.
  • Favorites Manager with Auto Ordering: Keep your preferred settings organized with the Favorites Manager, featuring auto ordering.
  • Random & Locked Preset Load: Introduce spontaneity with random preset loading or lock presets for consistency.
  • Precise & Selectable I/O Vu-Meters: Monitor input and output levels with precision using selectable I/O Vu-Meters.
  • Preference Panel: Tailor the plugin to your preferences with the dedicated Preference Panel.
  • Powerful Snap Modes: Utilize powerful snap modes for precise adjustments.
  • Easy Morph Points Editor: Edit morph points effortlessly for seamless transitions.
  • Smooth Flip Vertical & Horizontal: Achieve smooth transformations with flip options (vertical and horizontal).
  • Roll Points Left & Right: Fine-tune your freezes by rolling points left or right.
  • Copy/Paste Between GUIs: Streamline your workflow by copying/pasting between GUIs.
  • Capture Edit: Edit your captures with ease using the Capture Edit feature.
  • Automatic Freeze Capture and Spread Rotation: Enhance your sound with automatic freeze capture and spread rotation.
  • Morphing LFO: Add dynamic movement with the morphing LFO.
  • Cristalize Effect: Transform noisy sounds into clear and sharp tones with the Cristalize effect.
  • Respons to Freeze Frequency Shifter: Customize the response to freeze with the Frequency Shifter.
  • 10 Filters with Response Curve: Shape your sound with 10 filters, each with a customizable response curve (LP4 / LP2 / BP4 / BP2 / HP4 / HP2 / N4 / N2 / N2X / PEAK).
  • Morphing LFO of Level: Control the level with the morphing LFO for added expressiveness.
  • 137 Presets: Access a wide range of presets for instant inspiration.
  • 3 Morphing Modes (Immediate / Morph / Linear): Choose between three morphing modes for varied transitions.
  • Preset Manager: Organize and manage presets effortlessly with the Preset Manager.
  • Interactive Help: Get assistance on-the-fly with the Interactive Help feature.
  • Polyrhythmic Rates: Introduce complexity with polyrhythmic rates.
  • Morph Manager: Take control of morphing with the Morph Manager.
  • Drawing Pencils, Square & Line: Draw precise shapes with drawing pencils, squares, and lines.
  • Multiple Functions in Morph Editor: Enjoy versatility with multiple functions in the Morph Editor.
  • Normalize: Achieve balance with the Normalize feature.
  • Double & Mirror: Expand creative possibilities with double and mirror functions.
  • Choppers: Experiment with choppers for unique effects.
  • 4 Randomize Modes: Infuse randomness with four randomize modes.
  • Free Run Mode: Experience free-flowing creativity with the Free Run mode.

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