FMJ-Software Chromatia Tuner [WiN]

Chromatia tuner turns your computer into an advanced reference quality instrument tuner
  • Publisher: FMJ-Software
  • Product: Chromatia Tuner
  • Release: R2R
  • Version: 4.3.0 Incl Patched and Keygen

Chromatia Tuner is a versatile tool that transforms your computer into a high-quality instrument tuner, offering a range of features to enhance your tuning experience:

  • Compatible with almost any instrument, ensuring versatility across your musical projects.
  • Available as both standalone and VST plug-in versions, providing flexibility in how you integrate it into your workflow.
  • Boasts a range of 9+ octaves, offering precise tuning capabilities across a wide frequency spectrum.
  • Achieves accuracy better than 0.1 Hz up to approximately C8, ensuring reliable tuning for a variety of musical contexts.
  • Supports various temperaments and scales, allowing you to tailor the tuning to suit your preferences.
  • Allows you to add custom scales and temperaments, providing further customization options.
  • Supports low-latency audio with WASAPI and ASIO compatibility, ensuring minimal delay for real-time tuning.
  • Offers both “Auto” and “Manual” note selection modes, catering to different tuning preferences.
  • Includes a “Tone” option for reference signals, aiding in pitch comparison and adjustment.
  • Features a real-time spectrum analyzer graph, providing visual feedback to aid in tuning.
  • Offers a full-screen mode for enhanced visibility and usability.
  • Includes automatic input gain control for optimal signal detection.
  • Provides a “Report” dialog for creating tables of measurements, useful for instrument makers.
  • Offers optional calibration settings for ambient noise level, microphone type, and line-noise filtering, allowing for precise tuning in various environments.
  • Supports optional MIDI I/O, enabling note selection using a MIDI keyboard or transmission of detected notes.
  • Offers optional MIDI I/O for sending/receiving MIDI Tuning Standard messages, enhancing compatibility with MIDI-equipped instruments and software.

Overall, Chromatia Tuner is a comprehensive and customizable tuning solution, suitable for musicians, instrument makers, and audio professionals alike. Its range of features ensures precise and reliable tuning across a wide range of musical applications.

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