Fors Chiral [Max for Live]

Publisher: Fors & Ableton
Product: Chiral
Version: 1.1
Format: Max for Live (ALP)
Requirements: Live 11 Standard (version 11.1 or higher)
  • Publisher: Fors & Ableton
  • Product: Chiral
  • Version: 1.1
  • Format: Max for Live (ALP)
  • Requirements: Live 11 Standard (version 11.1 or higher)

Chiral is an MPE-enabled holographic synthesizer built to encourage experimentation through phaseshaping, amplitude modulation, and a vast modulation matrix. Craft anything from cinematic pads to inharmonic glitchscapes using this intuitive Max for Live device with far-ranging sound design capabilities.

Find new forms with phaseshaping

With its evocative user interface, straightforward functionality, and extensive waveshaping options, Chiral encourages you to approach sound design as a search for newness rather than imitation.

Chiral’s single oscillator is built around a type of sine wave contortion known as phaseshaping. Dedicated Size, Bend, and Fold knobs make it easy to twist your waveforms into new shapes, which are visualized in a holographic display reminiscent of a Moebius strip.

Waveforms can be smoothed using Chiral’s Sync dial or given subtle movement with its dedicated jitter modulator. Automate any of these parameters to create textured, evolving pads for a variety of genres like ambient, techno, IDM, and film scoring.

Experiment with amplitude modulation

The device’s amplitude modulation panel provides an additional layer of timbral control. Use Chiral’s AM, Frequency, and Feedback knobs to venture from soft rhythmic pulses to dense blasts of inharmonic noise, or link its slope generator to your waveform’s phase and amplitude modulators for more shapeshifting fun.

Chiral’s oscillator and voice controls can all be mapped to its built-in modulation matrix, which includes MPE functionality. Choose from six modulation sources and twelve destinations to program experimental swells, build layered soundscapes, or put Chrial’s expressive potential at your fingertips with an MPE controller of your choice.

Sculpt your sound with effects and microtuning

Chiral comes with built-in effects for adding space and color to your patches, including a celestial reverb, crunchy saturation, and a contouring tone filter. It also supports microtuning, opening this synth’s expansive toolkit and low CPU footprint to a whole new set of tonal possibilities.


  • Phaseshaping Oscillator to craft complex, evolving waveforms
  • Amplitude Modulator for deep timbral control
  • Built-in reverb, saturation, and filter for space and color
  • MPE compatibility puts Chiral’s expressive potential at your fingertips
  • Microtuning support adds another layer of tonal possibility to your sound
  • An intuitive interface designed for playability and experimentation
  • Low CPU usage

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