Friedman Amps Bundle [WiN]

Friedman Amps Bundle includes BE-100, Buxom Betty and DS-40
  • Publisher: Friedman Amplification
  • Product: Friedman Amps Bundle
    • Friedman BE-100 v1.4.1
    • Friedman Buxom Betty v1.2.1
    • Friedman DS-40 v1.4.1
  • Release: TCD
  • Version: 2024.5
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX/JBridge files
  • Requirements: X64/X86

As a guitarist, I’m always on the hunt for amp tones that can simultaneously inspire and punish. Tones that make you want to wrap your fingers around the neck and let riffs bleed out uncontrollably. The Friedman Amps Bundle from Plugin Alliance delivers exactly that – a meticulously captured emulation of three boutique tube amp beasts that will light your hair on fire…in the best way possible.

Let’s start with the star of the show, the BE-100. This plugin is a spot-on digital re-creation of Dave Friedman’s heavily modded Marshall-inspired hardware amp that has graced touring rigs and recordings of rock royalty like Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, and Bon Jovi. From the moment you crank this virtualhead, you’re transported to a glorious nirvana of crunchy, dynamic British grit.

The BE-100’s voicing just nails that classic Plexi-style breakup and elasticity that has defined guitar tones for generations. At lower gain settings, it’s a sparkling, complexly harmonically-rich clean tone that can stretch from articulate jazz to stratospheric Gilmour leads. Kick it into overdrive, and you’re greeted with a torrent of aggressive midrange chunk and tough low-end thump that refuses to get flubby no matter how hard you dig in.

This is an amp designed for active players – it responds to pick attack and volume knob changes with an almost uncanny realism. You can go from purring cleans to maxed out scorching leads just by rotating your guitar’s volume control. It’s uber-responsive and addictively interactive in a way that inspires you to explore every sonic facet.

But the Friedman bundle doesn’t stop there. The DS-40 is a faithful emulation of Friedman’s JTM-45 inspired amp that absolutely nails those classic Zeppelin and ZZ Top tones. Think glassy clean headroom that can abruptly bloom into harmonically rich, wool-y crunch tones at the twist of a knob. It’s an amazingly humble pedal platform too – push it with a good OD and you’ve got riffs for days.
Finally, we’ve got the Buxom Betty – a distinctly American hot-rodded Plexi variant with a slightly more aggressive, tight low-end character from the real-life 6L6 power tube design. For higher gain situations and more modern rock/metal tones, this is the amp you want.

What really impresses me about this bundle is how Plugin Alliance has gone the extra mile to ensure these digital amp models are as authentic and responsive as their hardware counterparts. The clever routing options, detailed cab sims, and super high-quality IR loading really allow you to craft highly realistic recorded tones. There’s even awesome special effects like the ultra-realistic power sag and noise gate on the BE.

At the end of the day, the Friedman bundle is an absolute beast of a plugin suite that should be in every discerning guitarist’s virtual amp rig. It faithfully taps into those legendary Brit amp vibes that defined the classic rock era while adding plenty of modern flavor too. Expressive, aggressive and utterly addictive tube tone for every style – what more could you want?

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