Fuse Audio Labs VPRE-72 Vintage Tube Preamp [WiN]

VPRE-72 Vintage Tube Preamp delivers the divine sound of one of the most iconic tube preamps ever built. Its faithful emulation of the classic V72 preamp ensures that users experience the same legendary tone that has graced countless recordings over the years.
  • Publisher: Fuse Audio Labs
  • Product: VPRE-72 Vintage Tube Preamp
  • Release: TeamCubeadooby
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Format: AAX/VST3/VST2

The VPRE-72 is renowned for its classic design and timeless appeal, originating from the early 1950s and manufactured by esteemed brands like Maihak, TAB, Siemens, and TFK. Its influence extends to iconic equipment like the V76 and the REDD.47 preamps famously used in Beatles recordings.

This preamp captures the essence of its vintage counterpart with precision, emulating the input and output transformers, the dual EF804s pentode circuit, and the distinctive feedback structure. Additionally, the inclusion of the heavy output choke adds a subtle touch of air to the sound.

In terms of functionality, the VPRE-72 is straightforward yet versatile. The Drive control allows users to dial in the desired amount of tube circuitry character, from subtle warmth to gentle saturation. The gain remains consistently compensated regardless of the drive setting. Moreover, the preamp features V76-style low and high cut filters for quick and easy tonal shaping.

Despite its esteemed pedigree, the VPRE-72 breaks tradition by being offered completely free of charge, without any strings attached. Users can enjoy its sonic capabilities without financial constraints, making it an invaluable tool in any recording setup. Additionally, its integration with grouping features enhances workflow efficiency, particularly when used as the first insert across multiple tracks in a session.

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