Fuse Audio Labs VQP-Bundle [WiN]

VQP-258A and VQP-259A passive EQs
  • Publisher: Fuse Audio Labs
  • Product: VQP-Bundle
  • Release: BUBBiX
  • Version:
  • Format: VST2/VST3/AAX

Fuse Audio Labs presents the VQP-Bundle, a meticulously crafted collection of two entirely passive EQs that harken back to the golden era of recording. With the VQP-258A and VQP-259A, users can experience the rich analog sound and intuitive controls that defined studios like Motown, Muscle Shoals, and Chess. In this review, we’ll delve into the vintage charm and musicality of these inductor-based EQs, exploring their unique sonic characteristics and creative potentials.

Vintage Tone, Modern Convenience

The VQP-258A and VQP-259A transport users back to the 1950s, offering a taste of the iconic sound that shaped the music industry. Unlike their competitors from that era, these passive EQs provide intuitive controls for independently cutting or boosting the low and high frequency spectrum. The inductor-based circuits imbue the audio with a touch of magic, delivering pleasantly clean and musical results that add depth and polish to any mix.

Inductor-Based Elegance

At the heart of the VQP-Bundle lies the beauty of inductor-based EQs. The VQP-258A offers a high/low shelf EQ with selectable frequencies and combined cut/boost controls, providing gentle and musical equalization that enhances the sonic character of any source. Its counterpart, the VQP-259A high/low cut filter, offers a wide range of frequencies for removing low-end rumble or taming harsh high-frequency content, ensuring maximum flexibility in sound sculpting.

Heritage and Vibes

The VQP-Bundle channels the rich heritage of its hardware predecessors, which were revered in legendary studios like Motown and Muscle Shoals. With just two knobs, users can effortlessly dial in the perfect tone, finding the sweet spot with ease. The simplicity of operation belies the depth of character and sonic possibilities offered by these vintage-inspired EQs, allowing users to infuse their mixes with a golden sound reminiscent of classic hits.

The Fuse Audio Labs VQP-Bundle encapsulates the essence of vintage passive EQ magic. With the VQP-258A and VQP-259A, users can experience the warmth, musicality, and simplicity of classic hardware units from the 1950s. Whether adding coloration to individual tracks or sculpting the overall mix, these EQs deliver pristine sound quality and unmatched ease of use. Step into the world of vintage recording with the VQP-Bundle and elevate your productions with timeless analog charm.

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