FxSound Pro v1.1.3.0 [WiN]

Publisher: FxSound
Product: FxSound Pro
  • Publisher: FxSound
  • Product: FxSound Pro
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The new FxSound Pro has a redesigned parametric EQ and much more.

At long last, FxSound Pro is here. It took us longer than we would have hoped, but we decided to make a big change to the equalizer that we think you’ll love.

For years we’ve offered a multi-band graphic EQ with FxSound and DFX. This has provided great control over your sound, but the frequencies available for adjustment have been static.

With the new parametric EQ on FxSound Pro, you’ll be able to adjust your sound without restriction. Whereas old versions of FxSound and DFX were limited to adjusting bands up and down, you’ll now be able to adjust the center frequency of the bands. This way you’re not limited to only adjusting a few fixed sound frequencies.

With FxSound Pro, you’ll unlock:

  • Create your own presets by saving adjustments to the EQ and Effects
  • No ads

Finally, you may have noticed that there’s no visualizer on the new FxSound, and we can assure you this this is (and much more) is coming soon! We have some big plans for not just improving FxSound, but adding compatibility beyond just Windows.

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  • Post last modified:March 16, 2021

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