GForce impOSCar3 [WiN]

GForce Software impOSCar 3
  • Publisher: GForce
  • Product: impOSCar3
  • Release: TeamCubeadooby
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Format: SAL/AAX/VST3/VST2

For synthesists seeking the rich, lush tones of a true classic, GForce’s impOSCar3 delivers an authentic emulation of one of the most iconic British hardware synths of all time. This exceptional software instrument faithfully recreates the hybrid design magic that made the original OSCar such a beloved studio workhorse.

A Unique Hybrid Synthesis Engine

At its core, impOSCar3 combines the precision of digital oscillators with the warmth of analog filters in a powerful hybrid architecture. This best-of-both-worlds approach provides an incredibly wide sonic palette. From thick atmospheric pads and haunting ambient textures to cutting leads and metallic resonant bells, this synth covers an immense tonal ground.

The impOSCar filters are the real star of the show. With nine distinct modes including multiple slopes, you can dial in everything from buttery smoothness to aggressive bite and grit. The new wavetable editor allows even deeper sound sculpting potential.

A Wealth of New Features

While staying true to the vintage vibe, impOSCar3 builds upon the original with many inspired new features. Over 1800 presets provide a vast starting point for your own sounds, with 450+ brand new entries. Explore 150+ specialized wavetables to expand your sonic horizons further.

Programmable macros make it easy to create wild morphing timbres. The powerful new preset browser keeps everything organized. You can even design your own unique LFO shapes with the graphical LFO editor.

To make your sounds truly massive, engage the poly-unison mode and Matrix convolution reverb effect. With up to 16 voice polyphony, impOSCar3 can summon truly gargantuan walls of sound.

A True Analog/Digital Hybrid Reborn

Whether your tastes run towards vintage synthesizers or modern sound design, impOSCar3 belongs in your plugin arsenal. Its unique hybrid synthesis engine excels at crafting classically lush analog tones, crisp digital waveforms, and everything in between. For those seeking the legendary warmth of the original OSCar in a modern software instrument, the inspired impOSCar3 faithfully delivers and then some.

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