Ghost Note Audio Infinity Loop [WiN]

Infinity Loop is a reverb VST plugin inspired by early 90's digital rack units
  • Publisher: Ghost Note Audio
  • Product: Infinity Loop
  • Release: BUBBiX
  • Version: 1.1.2
  • Format: VST3

For sound designers, experimental musicians, or anyone seeking to warp audio into alien, extra-dimensional reverb landscapes, Infinity Loop is a mind-bending must-have. This unconventional reverb spawned from the mind of madman plugin developer Ghost Note Audio takes a deceptively simple premise – an infinitely cascading reverb loop – and twists it into a cosmic fractal vortex of swirling, mutating ambience.

At its core, Infinity Loop is reminiscent of the early 90s digital rack reverbs that inspired it, using modified Dattorro reverb algorithms to create lush, dense washes of space and diffusion. But where it departs from its forebears is in the introduction of “quirky” features that catapult the effect into almost sci-fi territory.

First up is the freakishly morphing diffusion network – you can chain up to 12 distinct diffusion stages in series, each contributing its own unique non-linearities and resonances to the reverb tail. At lower settings this just yields incredibly lifelike, dimensional spaces. At higher diffusion numbers, the reverb itself seems to warp the laws of physics, blossoming into recursive, Escher-esque chambers of infinite dimension.

From there, the madness only intensifies. Infinity Loop lets you pitch the reverb tails up or down by an octave using utterly bizarre, granular pitch shifting algorithms that smear and splice the audio into truly otherworldly drones and textures. There’s built-in saturation to further mangle the incoming sound with harmonically rich grit and distortion.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can literally “freeze” the reverb buffer with the push of a button, sustaining an infinite, evolving drone that warps into fractal, kaleidoscopic clusters the longer you hold it – absolute bliss for soundscape explorers and drone cultists.

Wielding Infinity Loop does take some restraint, as like many of Ghost Note Audio’s plugins, the sheer intensity of the effects can quickly veer into noise territory if you aren’t careful. But within that controlled chaos is an inexhaustible toolkit for stretching audio into realms exceeding our dimension.

From adding otherworldly washes of reverb to simple vocals or guitars, to complete destroying source material into unrecognizable sheets of alien texture, to purely generative, self-sustaining drones, Infinity Loop is among the most creatively inspiring and uncompromising ambience processors I’ve ever used.

Just make sure you set coordinates for a safe return trip – because getting lost in Infinity Loop’s gravitational pull is a very real danger.

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