Hertz Instruments Hertz Drums [WiN]

Publisher: Hertz Instruments
Supplier: MOCHA
Product: Hertz Drums
Version: 1.3.0
Format: VST3/AAX
  • Publisher: Hertz Instruments
  • Supplier: MOCHA
  • Product: Hertz Drums
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Format: VST3/AAX

Hertz Drums Standard software has everything you need in a home-recording and professional studio. As producers, we know how troublesome, yet often necessary it is to use several virtual drum instruments at once in the same project. So we decided to create our own all-in-one tool to satisfy every user.

Make the drums come true!

It doesn’t have a library. To run it fully, you also need to purchase one of our drum packs.


Get familiar with key functions of the Hertz Drums plugin.
3 DI microphone selection
Thousands of samples, Left and Right hand “humanized” playing capability, giving you the feel of a real drummer playing
Drum sampler function – load your own samples onto each instrument channel
3 performance modes – low, mid and high – allowing you to use your PC/Mac potential to the fullest
Additional SUB mic for Bass Drums and Toms allowing you to shape up the low end more precisely
Humanize button that gives the drums that extra human touch even when you’re working with your own custom samples
20-pc drum set, recorded on Neve console
FX samples for additional customization
Precise and intuitive envelope shaper (ADSR) available for each instrument or separate mic
Over 1560 midi-grooves in various genres played by world-class drummers
Easy access to instrument groups
Unique Reverse button that plays the selected drum sample backward
Flip button that flips the stereo image (Left/Right), allowing you to choose between the drummer’s and the audience’s listening perspective
Follow switch that allows you to adjust the stereo placement either exclusively for the DI of a drum or together with its Overhead, Room and Reverb outputs;
Ambience panel to precisely set the proportion between the Room and Reverb ambience for each individual instrument
Groove browser with all of the loops organized into 4 categories – Intros, Main beats, Outros and Fills, arranged left to right in the order of playing intensity
Sample browser where you can listen to each instrument sample as well as the 3 types of microphones
Midi-mapping page, where you can freely assign midi-notes to each of the 8 possible articulations for every kit piece, while also independently controlling the volume of each articulation
Intuitive user-friendly interface, quick access to all program functions
… and many many more

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