Imagiro Piano 2 [WiN-MAC]

Publisher: Imagiro
Supplier: lunaaaaa
Product: Piano 2
  • Publisher: Imagiro
  • Supplier: lunaaaaa
  • Product: Piano 2

Recorded at his childhood home in England, imagiro’s piano brings a unique felted intimacy to your piano performances.

CHARACTER SOUNDS – recorded in bedrooms and sourced from deep pockets of the internet, imagiro’s piano brings a variety of sounds with beautiful imperfections.

CREATIVE PROCESSING – use loop and reverse to create lush frozen piano sustains or use the ADSR controls to transform a celeste into an EDM pluck.

MAKE IT YOURS – buy custom sound packs that integrate directly into the plugin, so you only buy the sounds you need.


The Original – recorded with two rode M5 microphones and a thick blanket between the strings, piano 1 gives an immersive, intimate sound. perfect for cosy, lo-fi chords.

The Mono Piano – a linen tablecloth dampens the strings with a more balanced and ever-so-slightly brighter tone. one WA-47 vintage tube microphone and a much more intricate sample mapping creates a soft dignity.

The Angel – made from samples recovered from internet vaults, the celeste is playful but gentle, wholesome but not lacking depth. an imagiro favourite.

features include:

looping modes for infinite intimacy
reverse modes for mellower moments
tone shift for adjustable character
hammer + pedal sounds
room noise
ultra lightweight ~100MB
apple silicon (M1) support

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