Knif Audio Soma [WiN-MAC]

Knif Audio Soma is a passive tube EQ VST plugin
  • Publisher: Knif Audio
  • Product: Soma
  • Release: BUBBiX — MORiA
  • Version: 1.3.1 — 1.3.1 U2B
  • Format: AU/VST/VST3/AAX

For mastering engineers seeking vintage warmth and character combined with modern precision, Knif Audio’s Soma EQ represents a new frontier. This meticulously modeled plugin captures the smooth, refined tone of an elite boutique passive tube equalizer circuit while adding innovative new features tailored specifically for mastering.

Vintage Vibe, Modern Precision

While classic passive EQs like the Pultec and Massive Passive are beloved for their richly saturated harmonic colors, they can often be too heavy-handed for mastering duties. Soma strikes the perfect balance – offering trademark tube warmth by default, with the ability to cleanly rein in excessive saturation when needed.

Soma’s unique “Real Q Adjustment” design is a game-changer, finally allowing you to adjust bandwidth independently of gain levels. This level of surgical EQ precision has been lacking in passive tube EQ designs until now.

Sophisticated Saturation Sculpting

Part of Soma’s magic lies in its sophisticated saturation controls. You have independent latches for input and output drive to dial in just the right amount of pleasing tube harmonics. An ingenious headroom control lets you finely tune overall saturation levels.
For mastering applications, this degree of saturation sculpting is utterly essential to avoid unwanted distortion. With Soma, you can inject as much or as little analog vibe as your tracks desire.

Mastering-Specific Features

While staying true to the original boutique hardware’s stellar sound, the Soma plugin adds several enhancements ideal for mastering. Onboard mid/side processing makes it easy to pinpoint frequency ranges. Indispensable monitoring tools include auto-listen, mono-maker, and stereo width controls.

Brainworx has deployed their most advanced modeling techniques to faithfully capture Soma’s unique circuit behavior. Their proprietary TMT even simulates true analog component variations.

The Mastering EQ You’ve Been Waiting For

Whether you’re a mastering engineer, mixing engineer, or simply an obsessive tone connoisseur, Soma represents a new frontier in passive tube EQ precision and flexibility. With its wonderfully rich yet ultra-clean tone sculpting capabilities, this EQ is equally at home adding polish or grit to your tracks. For mastering engineers especially, Soma marks a long-overdue breakthrough in the world of passive EQ design.

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