Kong Audio Ancient Chinese BianZhong & BianQing [WiN]

Kong Audio Ancient Chinese BianZhong And BianQing
  • Publisher: Kong Audio
  • Supplier: R2R
  • Product: Ancient Chinese BianZhong & BianQing
  • Version: 3.0

The King of Music and Bells, Zeng Houyi Chime Bells is a large-scale percussion instrument that is a national treasure during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period in China. It is characterized by the double tone of one bell given by the lost tile shape and the complete modern scale arrangement beyond the pentatonic scale. It is an important milestone in the history of world music. !

The virtual digital musical instrument sound source launched this time integrates the sounds of Zeng Hou Yi’s chimes and chimes, which were exclusively used by the palace princes two thousand years ago, into your music works. It is also paired with the Kongyin “Chui La Tang Da” national digital musical instrument sound source series, whether it is popular , folk music, film and television, ancient style, game and entertainment soundtracks, allowing your arrangement and creation to instantly travel through time and space, with extraordinary momentum!

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