Dynamic Effect Processor VST
  • Publisher: KORG
  • Supplier: R2R
  • Product: KAOSS PAD
  • Version: 1.1.0

Control through touch is now at your fingertips. Introducing a groundbreaking dynamic effects processor – “KAOSS PAD for Mac/Win” is here. Simply touch, trace, and rub the touchpad to unleash its musical prowess. The KAOSS PAD series, known for its straightforward concept, has left an indelible mark not just in the international DJ scene but across diverse music production landscapes. It has evolved from the inaugural KP1 in 1999 to the advanced third-generation KP3+, extending its influence to numerous other music products equipped with its user-friendly interface, forming the esteemed “KAOSS family.”

Breaking new ground, the KAOSS PAD for Mac/Win is the first in the series to expose its intricate internal structure, allowing for the creation of original control systems. All this while maintaining the interface that prioritizes user-friendliness as an effect plug-in, placing “touchpad control” at the forefront. Inheriting the core concept of the KAOSS PAD series, “KAOSS PAD for Mac/Win” not only delves into profound effects processing but also offers a variety of controls, promising a realm of new possibilities!

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