Korg Legacy Collection (Win)

Korg Legacy Collection (Win)
  • Korg
  • Legacy Collection
  • 2018 Special Bundle
  • MS-20
  • M1
  • Wavestation
  • ARP Odyssey
  • Polysix
  • Mono/Poly
  • MDE-X
  • Legacy Cell
  • 32-bit/64-bit
  • VST / VST3
  • Windows 7,8 and 10

Korg Legacy Collection might be a software synthesizer collection that totally replicates the dependable synthesizer perfect works of art that are as yet wanted to the current day. It sprung up with the supervision of original engineers and guides. We offer you the credible analog experience that no one but KORG can give.

Korg Legacy Collection beyond the ages.

For analog machines, KORG’s Component Modeling Technology (CMT) completes the remarkably natural and flighty feeling of analog. For advanced machines, Korg engineers painstakingly considered the primary synthesizer records and ASCII content document to bring the few thousand PCM and sound projects to life. The entirety of the important part that made the dependable sound of the originals are loyally duplicated.

Invigorating analog, far reaching computerized

The analog synthesizer magnum opuses MS-20, Polysix, and Mono/Poly have thick and sharp sounds. The M1 and TRITON are adaptable workstation synthesizers that changed the melodic condition of their day. The unrivaled WAVESTATION and ARP’s acclaimed ARP ODYSSEY were both groundbreaking instruments that inspired craftsmen for quite a long time to return . The KORG Collection is really a record of KORG’s history. it’s the best exhibit of the unbelievable sounds that are used in innumerable melodies over the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

Not only a proliferation; there are numerous new highlights

While the synthesizers within the KORG Collection totally duplicate the primary equipment, they likewise makes different upgrades essential for contemporary music creation. For instance: increased polyphony, virtual patching abilities, and top notch impacts. the clear to utilize graphical interface makes it easy to get to those extraordinary highlights. liberated from equipment restrictions, the KORG Collection uses the product component to seek after sound and basic use altogether.

Get the sound you seek to with VST plugins

The KORG Collection isn’t simply independent programming. As plug-ins* good with AU, VST, and in this manner the hotly anticipated AAX group, every synthesizer are frequently used in the fluctuated creation situations found in Mac/Windows. Add style to your music structure with a spread of immortal, unbelievable sounds.

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