KORG MS-20 V2 (Win)

MS-20 V2 is the bestseller by KORG, with its fat and sticky sound, powerful self-oscillating filter, and freely adjustable patch section, remains fashionable.
  • Publisher: KORG
  • Product: MS-20 V2
  • Version: 2.2.0 Incl Keygen-RET

Released in 1978, the analog synthesizer MS-20 is undoubtedly one of the foremost famous and revered synthesizers of all time. This massive bestseller by KORG, with its fat and sticky sound, powerful self-oscillating filter, and freely adjustable patch section, remains fashionable professionals and amateurs today.

Reborn through software Semi-modular Synthesizer MS-20 V2

Here are some reasons why the Korg MS-20 is my desert island synth. It’s not perfect, but as an overall package it’s quite versatile.

While the MS-20 V2 during this KORG Collection has been supported the software-emulated MS-20 from 2004, it’s been refined for contemporary production environments. additionally, to the often-requested high-resolution and scalable interface, we’ve added two new multi-effects. All of the analog sounds and behaviors are realistically reproduced by CMT, KORG’s proprietary electronic Circuit Modeling Technology, and this latest software gives you the powerful sound that only the MS-20 can deliver.

A complete reproduction of its punchy and unique sound

The MS-20 is widely known for its extreme sound range. it’s two VCO’s with ring modulators, an EG with hold and delay functions, and for maximizing resonance as an oscillator, an intense self-oscillating high-pass / low pass filter. This semi-modular synthesizer has an external signal processor that permits external audio input also as a flexible patch system, making it possible to make extremely complex sounds.

MS-20 V2 of the KORG Collection faithfully reproduces the sound of the first MS-20 and behavior of its many parameters with KORG’s proprietary electronic circuit modeling technology CMT (Component Modeling Technology).

Rather than merely simulating the output sound as conventional modeling does, KORG’s CMT may be a method for using digital equivalents of the transistors, capacitors, resistors, and other components utilized in the hardware realm to reconstruct an equivalent signal path digitally. This perfectly reproduces the complex range of sounds and parameters which will only be created with the MS-20.

High-resolution interface for Retina and 4K.

We have made major GUI refinements to the KORG Legacy Collection MS-20 software originally released in 2004. Its high-resolution graphics which will make it fit into modern Retina & 4K environments. By supporting six levels of scalability, usability has been drastically improved. Enjoy features that are easy to use and provides numerous sonic options which are unique to the MS-20 while controlling many parameters like patching, at high resolution.

Two newly added multi-effects

32 voices of polyphony and up to 16-voice unison (with detune/spread function) were added to the first software. Flexible external modulation settings and MIDI clock synchronization have also been introduced, allowing sound production with a high level of flexibility and freedom.

Now, the KORG Collection MS-20 V2 has two new multi-effects. With a complete of 21 effects like compression, EQ, delay, reverb, and 127 sorts of ready-to-use effect programs, the variability in sound makeup has significantly expanded.

200 latest presets

200 new presets are added to the first presets of the previous KORG Legacy Collection MS-20. There are many new presets that showcase the potential of the MS-20 like sticky bass sounds – unique to the MS-20 – sounds with unrestricted patching, along with side powerful leads that make use of the polyphonic and unison functionality unique to the software.

In addition to having the ability to register sounds that you simply like as favorites so you recall them immediately, there’s a replacement convenient program browser that permits you to narrow sounds down by type, allowing you to quickly find the sound that you simply are trying to find.

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