Kuassa Efektor Moon Muffin [WiN]

Funky, soft, and muffledsound fuzz pedal VST plugin
  • Publisher: Kuassa
  • Product: Efektor Moon Muffin
  • Release: TCD
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Format: VST3/VST2/AAX/JBridge files
  • Requirements: Windows 7 or later

Dive into the world of classic fuzz tones with Kuassa Efektor Moon Muffin. This software offers ten different models inspired by legendary sustain pedals, providing a range of distortion from smooth warmth to intense saturation.

Each model accurately captures the unique sound of its real-life counterpart, delivering the fatness, long sustain, and rich harmonics that have made these pedals famous in the world of guitar effects. Efektor Moon Muffin brings the power of iconic fuzz pedals right to your computer screen.

Key Features

10 Authentic Variants of Big Sustainer Pedals: Explore a variety of fuzz tones modeled after famous pedals, including special modifications like:

  • V1 TRI REF: Triangle pi reference board
  • V1 TRI STD: Triangle pi standard
  • V2 RAM 47: Ram’s face 47nf version
  • V2 RAM WHT: Ram’s face “white can”
  • V2 RAM 75: Ram’s face 1975
  • V7 RUS BLK: Russian black version
  • V9 TRI NYC: Classic pi NYC reissue
  • ACTON FUZZ: Fuzzmaster without boost section
  • EL SUSTAIN: Japanese super sustainer
  • J CREATOR: Rocking pedal volume/sustainer

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